There are Superior Capabilities that get geniuses to achieve impossible things in an impossibly short period of time. This video talks about these capabilities and the geniuses that have exhibited these capabilities to achieve ingenious results.

INFLUENCE: We as human beings are designed to INFLUENCE AND BE INFLUENCED. How can you Influence in a way that adds quality to people’s lives, Strengthens your relationship with them? And how can you become the kind of person who doesn’t have to influence to get things done but people do it anyway because of who you are as a person?  
FILTERS: Why is it important to train your unconscious to pick up the right things and filter out unresourceful aspects from people we are always influenced by people around us. Even if a person is a genius we don’t want to assimilate unresourceful habits, behaviors, and ailments. Build your protection mechanism! 

PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Predictive intelligence is a capability of world leaders that stops them from making costly mistakes and allows them to think in various directions and expands the scope of the outcomes of each action that it is potentially capable of producing.  

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