Young Achievers at uP!

Long, long ago, even before the advent of ancient civilizations, early humans found a place, a safe haven for them to not just survive or be safe, but to actually enjoy the bounty of God’s own creation. In fact, this haven was no ordinary place…

…It was found at a junction, a point of intersection. A place where the young, exuberant River met the deep Ocean!

Natural Scientists believe that an Estuary, where the river flows into the Sea, is one of the most productive ecosystems on Earth. In a way, we owe our evolution as humans, societies, civilizations to places like an Estuary! To the meeting of a fresh and young River with the depths of an Ocean!

Doesn’t it mark a pivotal moment, for all of humanity, when a Protege meets the Mentor!

It was true, when Mark Zuckerberg met Steve Jobs. Or when a young Oprah Winfrey found herself under the wings of the celebrated Maya Angelou. Or the complete wealth of conscious and unconscious resources that J.J. Abrams could assimilate from Steven Spielberg. Or the celebrated friendship that Bill Gates shared with Warren Buffett.

The recent uP! with Antano & Harini was pivotal in more ways than one can count. And one of the most significant aspects that made this uP! truly magical & memorable was the surge of nation’s youngsters making their way to uP!

What would you say about the emotional mastery, the depth a 15-year-old develops when he helps a 50-year-old person overcome decades-long limiting patterns, within minutes?

And that is how Antano & Harini have designed uP! To encompass this Magical Diversity. Here, you find solutions, you find inspiration, you find examples and experiences that you just need that itself can save you Decades of time.

Imagine when a young kid, with ease and finesse, helps an adult navigate through the tumultuous sea of emotions, and with utmost care and empathy, wins the unconscious trust of the other person, to take them to a deep altered state, where changes become autonomous…innate!

Somewhere in fully completing the process, the kid would have assimilated the life experiences and wisdom of the other person. The kid is not just helping an adult, someone who otherwise is way more seasoned; but just this experience would help the kid to develop “intuition” – to decipher what thoughts, behaviours, patterns lead to what kind of consequence, and be able to decipher! To pick and choose the life that the kids wish to create for themselves.

And it doesn’t end there! Being exposed to unique life experiences of 500+ Driven Individuals, Game-Changers, BiG Impact Creators, and to be able to help them evolve, becomes a testament to the kids’ very own capabilities!

These young guns of uP! will go on to become awe-inspiring role models for their peers, families, and the societies at large!

Can you imagine a world where each kid is inspired and propelled from within to break-free from any confinements. A world that provides fertile grounds for every child to develop depth, mastery & excellence, and develop the Superior Capabilities that they need to become the world’s best at something! Anything that their heart truly desires; not as wishful thinking or rosy scenarios that may or may not come true. But instead, powering ahead with Predictive Intelligence, ATC Intuition, and by becoming more capable.

Can you predict the consequences of the life a 13-year-old would create for themself, when empowered with the capabilities to be “Creative On-Demand”, to “connect openly & deeply” with people from all walks of life, to be able to get into “Peak Performance On-Demand” no matter the situation – be it an important exam or a competition.

How many more proteges would we have, if every kid is empowered to “unconsciously learn & assimilate the genius traits” from everyone around them.

What do you think are the quality of decisions a 16-year-old would make when they are no longer bogged down by peer pressure or external validation but instead are driven by Predictive Intelligence, ATC Intuition, and other superior capabilities.

It certainly swells our hearts with pride, as we look back at all the youngsters who made it to uP! and found their mentors in Antano & Harini.

In only 6 Days, they found a way to preserve their innocence and youthful charm, while developing depth, empathy, and a sheer wealth of unconscious capabilities, resources, strategies and strengths, to live life to the fullest and emerge as leaders of tomorrow!

In essence, a revolution is coming, and this is simply the beginning. With SuPerior Capabilities Installed, these youngsters are going to collectively raise the bar of excellence – for their peers and for the rest of the world!