What is uP! 


How Can You Accelerate Your Success Now!

uP! is a 2-year Magical Journey! A relationship with Antano & Harini, where you Evolve each and every aspect of your life within the next 2 years, as much as you’d have evolved in the next 20, 30 years – or maybe even more!

Imagine in the next 20 years how much depth & maturity you’d possess? What all capabilities you’d have developed by that time. But what if that happens to you in the next 2 years instead of 20. Yes, the sheer depth & wealth of Personal Evolution for over 20 years, happening to you within the next 2 years!

Remember: A solution like this has and will never exist anywhere else. In fact, World’s Leading Installation Artists, Antano & Harini, designed uP! to be the most comprehensive & all-inclusive solution for the forever Evolving Champion, such as Yourself!

So, your uP! journey starts with a One-on-One consultation with a Seasoned Excellence Installation Specialist (EIS) – a skill so unique, a talent so rare that you can't find one anywhere else in the world! Your EIS has had unique life experiences that helped shape uP! their Predictive Intelligence. Furthermore, they have been extensively mentored by Antano & Harini to develop Superior Capabilities of World Leaders like Systemic Thinking, Unconscious Assimilation, ATC Intuition, Installation Skills, and Predictive Intelligence, amongst others. 

With a unique concoction of Rich Life Experiences & Superior Capabilities, an EIS possesses the power to understand Your LIFE: your internal biochemical patterns, drives & motives, your current capabilities & your aspirations! An EIS can traverse through multiple layers and understand your life at a deeper layer of Unconscious Patterns & Responses that, at this point in time, even you cannot fathom! 

This image is taken from an Actual Consultation - On the Right You see Dr. Sudha Karthish a Medical Doctor & One of the Top Excellence Installation Specialist in the world in Action

So, your journey starts with a One-on-One Consultation with our Excellence Installation Specialist. Driving the conversation ahead with Predictive Intelligence & ATC Intuition, and EIS consultation covers all aspects of your life to Identify the pebbles in your shoes, the invisible speed-breakers coming in the way of you Accelerating your Success across all aspects of your life, in Record-Time. 

An EIS Consultation also looks at the gamut of Specific, Strategic & Contextual Capabilities that you need to develop, out of millions of other capabilities, to create Maximum Acceleration in Minimum Time possible, across all aspects of your life: Your Learning, Mastery in High Performance, Your Family, Relationships, and Emotional Intimacy, Your Drive, a sense of Purpose & Fulfilment, Your Finances & Wealth Building, Your ability to create stellar wins for yourself and the organisation that you’re a part of! And so much more…

Unlike skills development, Capability Development has a more generative & evolving impact on your life! Capabilities compound with time. And once you have this set of capabilities, you’ll have a fundamental foundation for you to create larger outcomes! 

Thus, your EIS is not just looking at the Capabilities that will allow you to do things differently in the next 2 months! But they also walk into the future with Predictive Intelligence and look at the compounded impact of these capabilities across various aspects of your life over the next 5, 10, 20 years and more! 

Once you have gone through multiple Cycles of Evolution in Compressed-Time, developing these Superior Capabilities and accumulating Rich Life Experiences across all aspects of your life, what kind of a person you will become?

  • What are some of the outcomes you will be able to create - for yourself and everyone else in your life
  • What are some of the accomplishments that maybe currently you cannot possibly think of yet, but will become possible for you

The resulting list – the final, most filtered & distilled list of Adjustments & Capability development becomes your Accelerated Time Compression or “ATC” List.

A x T = C™

Adjustment x Time = Consequences

This is one of the Craziest Formulas to exist in the history of humankind, to turn around the life of any individual or any impossible situation once you Develop the Thinking, the Superior Capability of ATC INTUITION to arrive at the most comprehensive & evolving list of adjustments in the ATC List.

In fact: the seeds of ATC Intuition are sown from your very first experience, and you continue to further build on this fundamental capability within your 2 Year Mentoring Relationship & Journey with Antano & Harini.

The uP! Arena

After the genesis of your ATC List, next is your 6-Day uP! event – the most Pivotal, Life-Changing & Magical 6-Days of your Life! 

Note: Typically, uP! happens twice a year, once in Mumbai and once in Delhi.

Imagine walking into the uP! Arena – carrying all of your dreams and aspirations, radiating with your drive, with a promise of a future filled with Accelerated Success on Auto-Pilot. 

And for the next 6 Days, being part of the most Diverse & accomplished group of individuals. Imagine sharing the uP! Arena with Driven Individuals from all walks of life; Owners of multi-million dollar businesses, emerging & disruptive entrepreneurs, top-notch Consultants & Coaches, Educationists, Creative Mavericks & Artists, Parents, Kids, Peers! From all parts of the world. Imagine being in the presence of Game-Changers, Pioneers, Disruptors, Trailblazers, Outliers and Driven Individuals like You.

For the next 6-Days, imagine walking shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow Driven Individuals, Impact Creators, Game-Changers, Visionaries & Pioneers! And right from a 12 year old to an 80 year old, you see all of these wonderful people, committed to evolving and helping you evolve your Personal Excellence in Compressed-Time! Inspirations & Learnings from diverse backgrounds overflow in this land of Magical Diversity that Antano & Harini have created, with the power of their Excellence Installations, and more so, with their warmth and all of their heart!

And in these six days, you go through a magical experience, so innate and natural that it feels like you are in a festival. In a Carnival of Joy & Celebration. And your mentors, Antano & Harini are doing installations where, each day, you are experiencing core transformation from within you and your neurology is creating new Neural-Cortical pathways for Accelerating Learning, for New & Empowering Behaviours & Responses that would otherwise take weeks, months, years to develop – or maybe a lifetime! 

SuPerior Capabilities. Installed. For Life. 

The Excellence Installations that you are experiencing at the “uP! with Antano & Harini” are so powerful that the changes happen at a cellular, granular level – at a level of the body's biochemistry & neurology! 

Unperturbed & blissfully unaware, you continue to bask in the joy & the glory; you continue to evolve at Warp Speed - and when you look at yourself on the fourth or fifth day vs. the version of You who walked in on the first day, you're going to feel an overwhelming sense of surprise & euphoria, looking at your Radiance, Vibe, and Charisma that you have developed after having overcome the unresourceful experiences & unuseful learnings from the past and developing new Capabilities, having mirrored incredible states of people with abundance of rich life experiences.

You begin to Look differently, Feel Differently and Perceive Yourself & the World Differently. What you once thought was impossible to achieve, you start getting newer mindset & strategies and ideas to solve, because during these 6 days you get to the Peak of your Energy, Vitality, Creativity; you experience such High-Performance states of mind! A world brimming with potential and possibilities emerges within you, nestled & nurtured by all the Excellence Installations, Pivotal Breakthroughs, and High-Performances that you didn’t have access to earlier! 

What’s next? The world begins to appear as your personal playground and all that you need to do next is go out, Embrace the World, and create newer & richer outcomes, and enhance & elevate the quality of your life! 

With your Evolved Personal Excellence, Go ahead & Embrace the World!

All that you need to achieve this – all the Personal Changes are already done in these 6 Magical Days! And after the six days, you don't have to do anything.That's Right You don’t have to follow a ritual, or a daily activity to sustain these capabilities, It has already become innate for you. And all you need to do is, put yourself in all the contexts that previously appeared too uncertain, challenging, intimidating perhaps!

And now when you put yourself in the real-life context, you will see yourself…

  • Getting to High-Performance states that you experienced at uP!, on-demand, and coming uP! with new solutions, new ideas, new strategies!
  • Completing the same significant tasks within minutes or hours that otherwise took your hours or days on end.
  • Inspiring people – don’t mind if different people, in different walks of life, begin to connect with you at a deeper level within minutes, or just gawk at you awe-inspired.
  • Having a lot more time for you to truly immerse in what brings you joy, maybe master a new skill or hobby – let’s dust off that old guitar or pick up that camera and look at the world in a new perspective, shall we?
  • Naturally and confidently adding layers and layers of excellence: joy, intimacy, warmth, love, empathy in all of your relationships…

…Overall, you begin to experience newfound happiness, with greater depth & resilience. You come to understand that Happiness is not an Outcome but a Capability that you now possess. And as you feel this newfound happiness, feel deeply fulfilled from within, you begin to create New & Rich life experiences, You become a Fast Learner, discarding the surface level learnings and deep diving to Gain Mastery – in terms of your craft, your performance - even if it’s something new that you just “intuitively” picked uP! 

And as you continue to create an abundance of Rich Life Experiences, You begin to Expand your own Horizons; Opportunities that were hidden, start becoming visible now, and from within, you feel the drive & the desire, and you go after things that your previous version would have considered either impossible to achieve or was simply not a possibility for you in the past. And when you go through all of these incredible experiences, you start “jumping the curve” and get yourself a unique edge for you to keep Accelerating in all aspects of your life, in Record-Time.

And By Now, You’d have already Accelerated your Career, Deepened your Relationships, Taken your Charisma to the next level and have evolved your Predictive Intelligence across contexts, because Antano & Harini had already done Excellence Installations on you to continue to grow & evolve on auto-pilot and for your neurology to give you the correct feedback! 

And on top of it, you are gathering relevant information and constantly updating your internal maps about people and what’s happening around! And that’s not just because you are continuously going through various life experiences but you’d have also taken your calibrations (The Mother of all Skill) to the next level! So, you develop a Certainty towards doing things that are right for you and develop & further fine-tune your Intuition to decipher & choose your most strategic Next Move that will create a compounding and cascading effect of Excellence on each and every aspect of your life! 

Accelerate Your Success across All Pivotal Life-Areas – With Certainty!

What do we mean by certainty? Just to give you a quick reference:

What is 2 + 2?

Duh! 4, Right?

Are you Sure? 


Can you feel this absolute certainty when you answer that question? To a point that you may doubt our intelligence in asking if you are sure of this obvious & simple answer!

Now, imagine everything that you do, and in everything that you want to achieve in your life, you have the same amount of certainty! No fissures or fractures to let even an iota of doubt seep in, but you have absolute Certainty! And when you power ahead with this innate congruence & certainty, the kind of outcomes that you will create for your own self is going to be at a completely different level, altogether.

In fact, you’d find yourself in a completely new league, the complete Next Level – without knowing exactly how you got here!

And as you continue to grow and Accelerate Your Success at an unprecedented rate and speed, it’s time for you to come back for a One-On-One Review! 

One-On-One Review Consultation with EIS- For Your Next B!G Leap

You’ve been in a Performance Mode! You’ve been gliding through life, creating brand new wins, having brand new & rich life experiences. Now, it’s time for a Review!

When you Come for the first time for your Consultation, We Record a video of you! Unfiltered & unadulterated, we recorded who you were – you dreams & desires, your fears & apprehensions, your deepest aspirations!

And now that you have come for your Review Consultation, we record another video of you – creating a raw & unfiltered archive of your own Personal Evolution!

In fact, we do nothing with these two videos. It’s for You – and you watch both of these videos, back-to-back.

And as you do that, you are going to be surprised and shocked – not just because you are seeing a striking contrast between who you were, merely a few months before and all that you have become!

In fact, one of the most common aspects that most people notice first is how they have begun to look younger – without any elaborate skin-care routine!

Few of 1000's of Before & After

But it goes way beyond that, right?

You’ll not only see a striking contrast but also, you will begin to notice the finer distinctions in terms of your Vibe, your Personality, Your Charisma & Charm, how self-assured & confident you have become, what greater vision you possess now, that wouldn’t have even been possible for the previous version of you to conceive.  

And it’s because in the past 4 to 5 months, after your first uP! with Antano & Harini, you have created such incredible Rich Life Experiences and Great Outcomes across all areas of your life – that what you want now will obviously be larger than what you can even comprehend right now - in this very moment of you reading this blog; because once you go through certain life experience that you do not have access to right now, Your Mindset, Your Thinking and what You Want from your Own Life, changes

In fact, the entire experience ends up having a “Charisma Intensification” impact on you, in its own way! Because you are able to trace back the wonderful & joyous ride that you’ve had in all these months. You’ve been growing & evolving at Warp Speed – and during Review Consultation is when you get an opportunity to pause, reflect, and in retrospect – you begin to become aware of all the incredible things that you have done, outcomes that you achieved which wasn’t even a possibility for you earlier, starts becoming clearer to you! You begin to view yourself and all of your life in a different light – as a combination of wonderful & beautiful possibilities! And with the sparks of joy & curiosity bursting within, you begin to develop this curiosity – What More Is Possible? What’s Next For Me?

And at this point, our Rarest of the Rare Excellence Installation Specialists will design the Next Cycle of Evolution for you – the Most Comprehensive, all-encompassing, safest & the most ecological way for you to Raise the Bar of Excellence that you’ve already achieved!

What’s Next? – Your Next Cycle of Personal Excellence & Evolution in Compressed-Time!

Like, is that even possible? Given the sheer growth & evolution you’ve already had? Of course, it’s possible! Because excellence is – and should be – forever evolving! 

Your Next Cycle of Evolution would involve Capability Acceleration - of what you already possess, and additions of newer set of capabilities that you need to acquire the missing arcs, make your rarity truly unique and create a Continuous Lifestyle of Excellence, Evolution and Succeed on Auto-Pilot in Business, Career, Health, Wellness, Family, Relationships and most importantly – Your Unique Impact – something that you and only you can create in this World!

And this is not to say that any challenges or life’s proverbial “ups & downs” would have magically disappeared completely from your life – but your resulting new ATC List, following the Review Consultation, will have the necessary checks in place to ensure that you continue to grow & evolve, at an unprecedented pace, in a way that is safest and most ecological for you – equipping you with all the capabilities & mindset shifts you need to make choices that remain True-to-your-Rarity, no matter the external circumstances.

Welcome Back to your Home-away-from-home, Your Sanctuary –
The uP! Arena 

With your refined, distilled & ambitiously new & empowering ATC List, you enter into the uP! Arena again!

Now, it’s not just New Capability Building but also Capability Acceleration – of all that you have already achieved with your first cycle of evolution. Now, you will not only be looking at Time-Compressing incredible outcomes for yourself, but more importantly, creating a Lifestyle of Continuous Evolution on Autopilot! And your Mentors, Antano & Harini are looking at making you evolve into someone who is truly Irreplaceable! 

You find yourself being able to deep dive – and you not only grow and evolve yourself, but you also get the confidence, the wisdom, maturity, and experiences you need to be able to hold someone else’s hand – perhaps a newcomer, and help them grow & evolve as well!

Of course, this isn’t just limited to the uP! Arena, right?

Because, once you return, you’ll find yourself becoming more equipped to help others in your ecosystem! Where you are able to identify a limiting mindset or a capability gap in someone else – and not just help them overcome those limitations but also help them taste & savour excellence in life

And once you start doing that, letting your heightened & refined intuition lead the way, you add layers & layers of excellence in your capabilities, your intent and your impact!

All of this goes on to build your own Predictive Intelligence! You’ll be able to foresee the consequences of each of the beliefs, behaviours, mindset, and come up with the necessary solutions & desirable outcomes – to either shift, change, or accelerate that trajectory!

Time-Compression Compounds with Time!

After your second uP! Arena experience, you will realise this very crucial aspect: that your own capacity and ability to Time-Compress significant life outcomes has also Compounded!

For instance, if after your First uP! Arena experience, you were able to Time-Compress 5 years’ worth of Growth & Evolution and pack it within 3-5 months – having the same depth, maturity, wisdom that would have otherwise taken you over 5 years – you’ll realise this unique aspect also growing in leaps and bounds, after your second uP! Arena experience! 

And once you experience this, especially after your Review Consultation & the subsequent uP! Arena experiences, you will see yourself evolving to a level of New & Greater heights that you haven't been able to perceive yet! And when that happens, you are going to trace it back to this moment – when you were going through life at your own rate & speed, trying new things, succeeding in some & perhaps failing in others, and in that moment, after having already evolved your Personal Excellence & Accelerating across all aspects of your life, when you look back at this moment today, you’ll realise “how the heck didn’t I do it all this while”? And how suddenly, it all became your reality, when you made a commitment to Evolving Yourself First!

In fact, your mentors, Antano & Harini, started noticing this phenomenon more than a decade ago! It was this unique aspect that led to the creation of Excellence Installations – and its Life-Trajectory-Shifting Predictive Intelligence.

Your Evolved Personal Excellence is Calling;

Are You Ready?

By now you know that going through this incredible journey will not only allow you to significantly time-compress your evolution of 10, 20, 30 years into merely 2 years! But more importantly, it will continue to grow & grow your appetite for Personal Excellence, Personal Evolution, and Impacting the World in your own unique way! 

Imagine – a new disruption that can change the way this world operates or functions, genesis of a new paradigm that allows others to live more intently & authentically, a brand new world where no one else has to languish in mediocrity or disempowering emotions – and at the helm of it all, YOU – our Ever Evolving Champion!

The times are changing and they are calling upon you to be your most Excellent & Evolved self! Are you ready to commit to evolving your own Personal Brilliance to defy the rules of time & Accelerate your Success across all aspects of your life? Are you ready to commit to this perpetual pursuit of Excellence? To Join Antano & Harini as they continue to cover significant new strides in their crusade – of Making Excellence A Birthright for the 8 Billion People across the Globe?

Then come on uP! Find your inspiration, find your very own tribe – come and be part of this revolution – of this Carnival of Personal Evolution – the magical land of diversity & excellence that we all have fondly come to know as, uP!