A&H Covid Recovery Support

Enhancing your Unconscious Patterning to assist and enhance your body's response to COVID RECOVERY*

Did You Know?

  • Covid is from the family of Corona viruses which includes the common flu that most of us have had.
  • Good Sleep and Peaceful states of mind improves overall immunity as well as recovery. Whereas panic, anxiety and stress puts excessive pressure on the patient.
  • 99% of the individuals (800+ and counting) who applied A&H Covid Relief & Critical Support have achieved superior states of mind within 4 hours of Excellence Installation. Even those who were in extreme states of panic, worry, anxiety, experiencing loss of sleep etc. - have had instant Relief and sustained peaceful states of mind, which the doctors find most remarkable.

Even in the ICU, Doctors find these procedures effective because our unconscious minds have tremendous power and improving the patterning at that level has resulted in immediate results, for many even in critical situations.

When everyone, including my sister-in-law herself thought she won't make it, we were able to help her survive.


My sister-in-law was extremely critical with Bi-PAP support in the ICU. I flew down from Delhi to Mumbai because I knew at this time, if she has to have a chance at life again, she needs more than medicine. While my family and I prayed, I walked into the ICU straight after receiving special permission from the hospital to visit everyday for a brief period. Having treated thousands of COVID patients myself, I wanted to see how I can turn around one more life. And throughout the 3 days - I did EIT (Excellence Installation Technology) work taught to me by Antano & Harini. I could see in front of my eyes, how she was getting better and better each day.  When everyone, including my sister-in-law herself thought she won't make it, we were able to help her survive and I can't imagine what the outcome could have been if I didn't have the skills and gift to be there at that time, and stablize her with the right states of mind so that her body can respond to medicines better. Panic, fear, anxiety can be the best friends of Covid-19. We must interrupt the panic, fear, anxiety to defeat Covid-19 and I know of no better way than EIT.

Delivered by specialists in the A&H community
Many have got Results within 4 Hours**

A&H Covid Relief & Recovery Support

Excellence Installations to conquer fear, stress and activate the subconscious's strongest form of defence to respiratory infections. 

Includes John Grinder and Carmen Bostic's NLP Pattern for Covid Protection and Recovery


What do Medical Doctors say?

When everyone, including my sister-in-law herself thought she won't make it, we were able to help her survive.

Prof. Dr Smita

Consultant Physician, Delhi

I could see that the patients heart rate, SPO2 and the cough becoming normal.

Dr Sudha Karthish

Anaesthetist, Sankaran Koil, TamilNadu

I saw tremendous improvements in my husband and his body sustaining good blood pressure, optimum levels of sugar  and he started regaining and recovering his strength.

Dr Puneet Dara

Dentist, Delhi

*This is not a substitute to consulting a doctor and doing everything medically required. This is either for your patients if you are a doctor or for the patients who are already taking medical advice. 

**The results within 4 Hours includes people experiences peace of mind, stress free zones and the kind of conviction in recovery that improves the will power and the body's overall readiness to fight the COVID infection.

The specific NLP procedure used in this intervention was developed by Bostic/Grinder in 2020. We are extremely thankful for both creating this procedure and making this knowledge available to us to both John Grinder and Carmen Bostic.