1) How is E.I. Technology different? 

EI Technology enables a trained specialist to arrive at what precisely  needs to shift in a person for the person to achieve the desired results in compressed time. And it enables the specialist to evolve missing capabilities and traits for an individual in weeks and months, instead of years and decades. 

EI Technology is NOT about Visualization, motivation talks. This is NOT a temporary feel-good factor or a seminar where you watch powerpoint presentations, listen to lectures, receive theory downloads & forget about it later. Instead, it is about making lasting changes in a person’s unconscious patterns, habits, behaviours and core nature that will create a butterfly effect in his/her life.

Listen to Antano talk about the uP! Difference.

2) Can I get to know more about who Antano & Harini are?

Antano & Harini help driven individuals Launch their Legacy in compressed time by making very targeted changes in people’s unconscious patterns.

Their rare combination to both identify  what adjustments have to be made to Accelerate an individual’s legacy and help the individual 'install'  those new behaviours in their unconscious patterning makes their work very unique and powerful.

Click on the dropdown below to get to know more about Antano & Harini as individuals. 

Antano Solar John
Harini Ramachandran

3) Who is A&H Membership designed for?

A&H Membership is designed to help very “driven” individuals Launch their Legacy. 

A variety of Driven People from different walks of lives  and varying economic backgrounds have been selected to be a part of the Membership Journey. Entrepreneurs, Artists, Celebrities, Students, Coaches, Trainers, Image Consultants, Tech-Professionals, Musicians, Directors from top corporate firms, CEOs, HR Professionals, Salespeople, Marketing professionals, teachers, Educationists and many many more!

4) What does A&H Membership deliver?

A&H Membership is a 3-year relationship that promises that Antano & Harini will help you Launch your Legacy in the next 3 years, instead of 3 decades. 

 In this 3-year journey, Antano & Harini are meeting the Members every 3-5 months and making periodical adjustments in their life trajectory with one-on-one consultations as well as certain Installation programs.

As consequences of being part of the A&H Membership journey, you become the kind of person  who:

  1) Can acquire any talent fast, elegantly and with depth
  2)  Naturally Attracts people with talent and resources towards yourself
  3)  Can just shift people’s mindsets, behaviours and attitudes, conversationally  in minutes  and gets others to learn new things at unprecedented speed.
  4) Automatically gets into really powerful high-performance states and trances as part of day to day life
  5)  Can change limiting habits and evolve new habits in yourself and in others in a few minutes
  6) Can Complete what you consider ‘life projects’ in a matter of days, weeks or a few months, instead of a few decades.  

And much much more.

5) Will Membership help me even if I don’t know what legacy I want to create right now?

If you don’t yet know what legacy you want to create, that’s okay. In fact that is a place a lot of A&H Members started their journey from.

We believe clarity is a natural outcome of having a healthy configuration of powerful and resourceful states, beliefs, intuitions, habits and capabilities as well as different areas of your life holistically integrated and complementing each other. 

What matters is how driven and committed you are to Finding your legacy and Evolving your traits, capabilities and nature in the direction of that Legacy! And A&H Membership will help you do exactly that!

6) What techniques do Antano & Harini use to make such powerful transformations in people?

Antano & Harini use EI Technology - the wisdom to figure out the smallest shift that will completely change an individual’s life, business, health or relationships.

These shifts/adjustments can be getting over specific emotional patterns, behaviours, habits. Or they may be missing capabilities that need to be built for the individual in question.

They do “Installation” of those adjustments using Storytelling & Metaphors (even in seemingly casual conversations) as well as New Code NLP patterning.

7) What is the program structure of A&H Membership?

As part of A&H Membership, you get access to the following:

1) 6 One-on-one consultations with Antano & Harini
2) uP! with Antano & Harini (Unlimited Complimentary Revisits for 3 years)
      -Intensive 6 days of Excellence Installations for holistic growth & Success on Auto Pilot
3) Conversational Programming Mastery & Excellence Coaching
      - Mastering layered relationships, conversational programming and coaching.
4) SuP!r Life Directives, Thailand
      - Project of Your Heart
      - Whole life Integration
      - Setting New Standards & Trajectory
5) Charisma Intensification, Thailand
     - Intensify the Power of Your Presence
     -Design Your Life Story
     -Become a Powerful Presenter 

Please note that post the uP! Program the sequence of which Program you should be a part of, will be decided by Antano & Harini based on what capabilities  & skills you need at every juncture of your journey towards launching your legacy.

8) What happens after I sign up for A&H Membership?

You get started immediately with a one-on-one Consultation with Antano & Harini so that Antano & Harini get to know what you want and what adjustments they need to do for you to get to the next level.

Then you attend the uP! Program where Antano & Harini do the Installations and adjustments necessary for you to Accelerate your Success, Evolve Superior Genius Capabilities and get to the next level. 

Antano & Harini design the next 3 years completely based on your Evolution.

At every juncture of your evolution you need different skills, targeted Installations of SuP!erior Capabilities and the right direction to accelerate your "Path to Success".

The Fast Track membership is designed to enable you to be in touch with Antano & Harini to accelerate your journey of your Evolution. After uP!, Antano & Harini design a custom blueprint for your journey based on what you need at every juncture of your growth, with appropriate programs and private consultations.

9) What is the application procedure for A&H Membership?

Following are the steps of the application procedure for A&H Membership:

1) Fill in the application for A&H Fast Track Membership. Click here to Apply
2) Get on a Skype/Telephonic interview with a Consultant from A&H Selection Committee
3) Within 4 days of finishing your interview, you will be intimated over email as to whether your application has been selected or not.
4) Complete the A&H Membership registration by finishing the payment. 
5) Get on-board as an A&H Member by booking your first one-on-one consultation with Antano & Harini and booking yourself for the uP! Event you plan to attend. 

10) Am I eligible to apply for A&H Fast Track Membership?

Please qualify yourself for A&H Fast Track Membership before the Selection Committee does so using the following criteria:

    1) Do you want to "Launch your own legacy"?  
    2) Do you want to achieve in the next 3 years what would otherwise take you 20-30 years or never?
    3) Are you committed to invest 30 days over 3 years to Evolve yourself to be ready for Launching  Your Legacy?
    4) Are you committed to invest around $7000 to $12,000 to Launch Your Legacy and saving decades of your life?
   5)  Do you really want to make a Difference in the lives of others and in the society?
   6) Are you Thirsty for Unparalleled Excellence in every aspect of life?
   7) Do you want to have satisfying relationships, emotional mastery, financial abundance & holistic growth?

We want you to know that the Membership with Antano & Harini is a commitment of significant amount of time and finances. We select only those who are really committed to evolve their personal genius and the create the best out of the life that is gifted to them. 

If the answer to the questions above is "YES" then you can consider yourself eligible to apply for the Membership. 

11) Is A&H Membership fee a one-time payment or is it payable annually?

The A&H Membership fee is payable one time. 

However, only if there is a dire financial need for an installment plan, one has to apply with an Installment request over [email protected] with an email detailing why the Installment plan is required. Subsequently the request has to be approved by the finance team. 

12) How can I get Antano & Harini's mentoring if I can't afford A&H Membership at the moment?

Yes. If you can’t afford the A&H Membership at the moment, you may attend the 2-year uP! Promise program with Antano & Harini by making 1/3 of the A&H Membership fees investment. The Promise of the uP! Promise Program is that Antano & Harini will help you Accelerate your Success and Succeed on Auto-Pilot, naturally. Please read more about the uP! Promise here.

13) Can I talk to one of the A&H alumni before signing up for A&H Membership?

Yes. You may connect with our alumni over Facebook.

14) Can my family members take up the A&H Membership?

Absolutely. In fact, most of the A&H Members sign up for their family members, business partners, friends and relatives they really care about for A&H Membership within 3-6 months of their own selection into A&H Membership.

The reason is simple: they want their loved ones to experience the similar acceleration they themselves experienced in their lives, career and relationships as well as Launch their legacies in compressed time.

But the family member has to go through the application procedure by filling in the application and by undergoing the Interview with an A&H Consultant who will qualify the family member based on the criteria for selection. 

15) Is there a discount if I bring in more people to A&H Membership?


16) Is there an age limit to register for A&H Membership?

No. Our youngest Member is 14 years old and our eldest Member is 72 years old. All that matters is, how driven are you? And how committed are you to Launch Your Legacy in a short span of time?

16) When will I stop having limitations that I need to get over with Installations?

Can you think of even one genius who does not have limitations? No.

As you rapidly evolve with targeted Installations, you may face new limitations and other interesting challenges that are essential for you to take big leaps.  The difference is you will not feel stuck, lost or under-equipped. Antano & Harini will help you navigate through the challenges and will guide you to utilize the tools and technology they have equipped you with to continue to change the trajectory of your life periodically.

So overtime you realise that you have a particular limitation to fix, the question you ask yourself will be, what is this an opportunity for? 

17) I want to be a world-class change agent and a coach. Will Antano & Harini teach me how exactly they make such powerful transformations in people?


To be a world Class Change agent and Coach, the prerequisite is “Personal Excellence”. Once you achieve this you will be invited to attend the Conversational Programming mastery program, where you will learn how to be a fine coach because you will start to Master Conversational Programming: the skill in shifting mindsets and behaviours of other people, conversationally  in minutes.  

One of the key components of being a fine coach is to help your coachee overcome limitations, invisible speed breaks like emotional breakdowns, limiting beliefs and habits. That’s where the change-work skills that you would have begun to master at uP! come in handy.

In the duration of 3 years, with more and more exposure to Antano & Harini and all the other programs you will be invited to as a part of your Membership Package, you will notice your change work skills evolving drastically. 

After becoming an A&H Member, if you want to master how Antano & Harini do Installations you can request the A&H team for an entry into the Excellence Installations Specialization Program. This Program is not open for all. This is strictly based on who Antano and Harini want to mentor. Because E.I. Technology is a powerful missile and Antano & Harini are very careful about who they equip this with. 

Do You Want to Launch Your Legacy?

It is believed for ages that change is a slow process and that you can't change the nature of a person.  We have proved it dead wrong. And not just that - we have shown that change can be fast, easy and fun. The reason we get the results we do when others can't is because we look at the problems very differently. In fact, we turn some of the seeming limitations into an advantage. Antano & Harini and all of us who have learned the technology from them can make changes happen within hours as shown in the videos on this blog. But the true gift is in - how A&H arrive at what change to make in the first place.

Your Legacy Matters: If your legacy matters to the world, it matters to Antano & Harini as well. A&H Membership is the fastest way to launch your legacy. With this 3-year mentoring relationship with Antano & Harini, you can fast track your journey in launching a legacy by a few decades!