Covid Response 2020

Being Epic in Pandemic: Stepping-in during Covid-19 to help the A&H Legacy Acceleration Community

25th November 2020:

Several months into the Covid-19 Pandemic now, a Context so raw and out there for the A&H Ecosystem to Create Impact ever so much more. Our First moments of surprise happened, when barely 1-2 months after the Covid-19 lockdown hit the entire world, our A&H Members & uP! Participants were not only uP! and kicking, but managed to create so much Impact in their Ecosystems, starting with their own family, and extending all the way into communities large and far - some getting recognition even from the Chief Ministers of States, for their Extraordinary thinking, contribution during these times. Several of our members helped Frontline doctors with the mental resilience, preparation and installations for Stress management and states, who in turn helped several others - thereby reaching people and families even beyond those directly connect with A&H members.

The A&H Business also rolled out Critical Support facilities to all members for free, to ensure each and every member makes the most out of the situation they are exposed to - to Evolve differently and relevantly even in times of Pandemic. Whilst business across the world have been hit, the A&H Ecosystem witnessed the fastest come-back ever for those whose businesses suffered a setback whilst some others are fast recovering and getting on track very quickly. People have adapted, innovated and evolved in record time - with upto 3 Cycles of Evolution brought about through ATC Diagnostics and EIT-Implementation by the Team of A&H Excellence Installation Specialists. EIT Education participants themselves have accelerated their journey of developing ATC Thinking and capabilities of World leaders - with EIT Education having moved completely online during the pandemic.

Over 2000 Installations of Capabilities have been done entirely online between March 2020 and November 2020 and Reviews with A&H members is still ongoing!