All your Personal Evolution.
One Seamless experience.

Whether you want to be a better Parent
Play badminton professionally
Become International salsa champion
Launch a business profitably
Improve family togetherness
Just about anything you Wish was better and intend to make happen, Even if you have a specialised coaches and mentors for each of your aspiration already,
We bring ALL of your Personal Evolution needs together into one seamless experience, Creating Integrated and Accelerated Outcomes across all areas
Business. Health. Family. Legacy. - All Together, Simultaneously


Even when we help you launch your legacy, we are ready with the next outcomes for you - including developing Superior Capabilities of World Leaders, or anything you fancy. 

Excellence Installation Technology is cutting-edge. Which also means, its developing opening New Frontiers everyday.

We are in the Business of Time Compression - helping people Achieve MANY things, together - with Ultimate Personal Evolution through so you’re Delightfully Pushing your boundaries, raising your bar and doing it all so Merrily.

Did You Know?

We are not Medical Doctors yet we have turned around medically impossible situations and created breakthrough in cases that were considered medically impossible using our Innovation:
- Helping Phani Kumar who was paralyzed completely beneath his neck (C5 fracture and partial C4) to regain movements again, be able to sit erect by himself, get his full-time job back and be independent all over again

- We helped Anupreksha and tens of other perfectly fit women Conceive naturally within 6 months even after IVFs have failed them and even if they have had multiple miscarriages in the past

- We have thousands of people completely breakfree from life-long limiting allergies and conditions such as dust allergy, nut or specific food allergy, eosinophilia, migraine, insomnia, body pain etc.

We are not McKinsey, neither are we Business Gurus... yet we have turned around businesses that were heading towards crash or were stuck, like:

- We helped a person turn his business that was stagnant at $20 Million for 5 years, to Double the revenue, in just one year although they were stuck for 5 years at 20 Million

- We have helped the 2nd generation to bootstrap and become the hope of large family businesses

- We helped several working professionals get two promotions in one year, along with their wallets swelling up by at least twice in the same time by evolving the person and what they have been able to contribute thereof
We have been able to provide insights to succeed in both conventional and unchartered business terrains

We are not Educationists or Special Educators, yet 

- We have helped a School with underprivileged Children achieve a 100% pass percentage, for the first time in 70 years of their existence, by taking a one-on-one approach in fixing every individual child’s over 2 days of intervention using our innovation

- We have helped children diagnosed with Autism to become good spellers, faster learners

- We have helped children diagnosed with ADHD, to be able to focus, study and get better grades

We are not Self-help Gurus... yet

- We have helped business owners of large conglomerates up their game in the art of personal influence

- Doctors come to us to learn the psychology of wellness

- The award winning super coaches, trainers, transformational experts, the top mental training sports coaches in the country are mentored by us

We are not Psychologists yet 

We have helped people come out of decades of trauma from physical abuse, domestic abuse, bullying, social isolation etc. within minutes and rebuild their lives into a whole new trajectory within 1.5 years

We are not Psychiatrists yet 

Many doctors recommend us when they want to help their patients overcome the condition for which they may be on medication for (depression, panic attacks, insomnia)  

We are not Dieticians, Nutritionists, Physical fitness instructors, yet 

We have helped hundreds of people get on a path to long-lasting fitness, make permanent changes in habits, lose significant weight, get rid of health conditions such as thyroid imbalances, PCOD, cysts and lose weight sustainably as well  

We are not Speech therapists yet 

We have helped people with decades of stammering completely overcome the problem within a week and have ever since, never stammered again

We are not MBA school, yet 

Senior professionals have chosen our solutions over an Ivy League MBA they were offered, because they say, “An MBA will work on my CV, but A&H Solutions will work on me”

We are not a Music Academy yet 

We have helped Artists across various levels evolve their Artistry and the impact from their Artistry

 We are not Parenting Counsellors yet 

We have helped hundreds of parents mend strained relationships with their children and develop a deeper bond of trust, leverage and freedom of expression, both ways- by helping both the parents and the children evolve

We are not Scientists yet 

We have a method to our unprecedented results across industries across boundaries across regions. A method to our madness and the code continues to get more and more precise, articulate, repeatable with extensive Education in Excellence Installation which is continuing to evolve each day, staying cutting edge.  

We are not Start up Accelerators… yet

We have one of the largest eco system of doctors, established business owners, industry professionals and celebrities who come to us when it is time for next level or if there is an impossible situation to turn around and what has emerged from this ecosystem is a larger than life/ This ecosystem is creating a Legacy of giving back to the society multi-fold whilst each, individually growing at unprecedented rate and speed…

We are Creators of Excellence Installation. We are Legacy Accelerators.

We help Compress Time by Making Strategic Installations. We help people get a New Vibe, Superior Capabilities and a Personality that makes happen what they may not have achieved in their Lifetime, yet. It could be a new dimension, more depth, more happiness - but it’s a permanent shift in the trajectory of their life, their thinking, and evolving new capabilities to live a richer, fuller, more fulfilling life because that’s why we have One Life. As we empower each individual to complete their individual rarity, launch their personal legacy, and thereon many legacies. One Life. Many Legacies.

And the reason we are able to help - is we have a Technology (EIT) to make instant (and strategic) behavioural changes - both internal and external as well as predict the long term consequences of those changes.

When we discovered steam, we got the industrial revolution. And with the dream of Gates, a PC in every home, we got the IT revolution. And we see a future, where every industry from preventive health to education is ‘Installations’ enabled. It used to take years to travel from one country to another. And it takes decades for most of the people in the world to evolve and get new capabilities. We see a world with ‘Installations’ where people evolve faster, and every industry becoming ‘Installations Enabled’. And it is going to be better for the Human Race!

One Life. Many Legacies. 

and everything wonderful on the way