It’s not just Covid that’s killing people. It’s the Panic, the financial constraints along with situational and emotional constraints.

It takes Superior Capabilities to remain Panic Free even in Panic Situations, even if you are already healthy. People around you are facing the Impact of Covid and the ripple effect it creates. How do you maintain zen-like states, high creativity, high performance, and superiorly high emotional wellness during all of this?

Based on your Current status, here are 3 options:

A&H Critical Support 

If you are in High stress, Panic 
Unable to think clearly or stuck several times in a day 
Getting into low emotional states and unable to break the pattern.

You need A&H Critical Support.

A specialised team will help you get you back on your feet - by interrupting the states of panic, fear, anxiety etc. - and help you just get to being in high performance even in challenging situations.

A&H Boosters

If you are doing well but not as creative as you used to be, or 
If your energy levels are not very well, you find yourself being inconsistent and occasionally worrying a lot about the future, or

If You have recovered from Covid but not feeling physically as well as before (energy especially), 

You need A&H Booster for Health, Finance.


Covid has not had much of an impact on you directly or you’ve been able to manage reasonably well. Now, you’re not fire fighting anything, but you want to be equipped, prepared to make the most of the current situation and do the right things ahead of time and stay excellent, you need A&H WiSH - there are 37 Categories of Focus - you can pick the one that’s best suited for you and go razor focused on Getting Excellence.

A&H WiSH is specially designed for you to Develop superior strategies and equip yourself with accelerated capability development. Getting you prepared for Now and What’s Next. 

More Details

All above A&H packages specially designed to handle Covid-19 situations better in your Business, Health, Career, Family, Relationships, Finance and other key areas of your life and contain the following:

EIT Diagnostics

  • Personalised one-on-one Diagnostics with Senior Excellence Installation Technology Specialists

EIT Implementation

  • One-on-One Excellence Installations to specifically implement what was identified during the diagnostics and get you immediate breakthroughs - literally, instantly. Because EIT is advanced. And works like magic. “Any Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” - Arthur C Clarke

Review with EIT Specialists

  • A Follow through after 1 week after implementation is completed to ensure that your outcomes have been achieved!

All the above A&H packages are Delivered entirely online. Contact-free, no risk, and still supremely effective 

Super Protection: Complimentary implementation of the All New Covid-19 NLP Pattern given to Antano & Harini directly by John Grinder (Co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP). This is optional. You can choose to avail this complimentary implementation, to enhance your Neurology with strategies to protect you from contracting Covid-19 and if you are already suffering from Covid-19, this implementation may aid in Faster recovery*

Covid-19 NLP Pattern implementation is not a substitute to any medical intervention. We are not medical doctors and this does not constitute to be any medical advise. This implementation has been tested on several volunteers who are diagnosed with Covid-19 as well as with people who have not contracted Covid-19. In the former, it has helped several people recover faster and in the case of the latter, it may have the continued effect of enhanced protection. This implementation is complimentary and optional with A&H Critical Support, A&H Boosters and with A&H WiSH