2 Years validity from the date of your first One-on-one Consultation

All features of the product can be availed in Full for 2 Years, post which, you can upgrade to FastTrack Legacy Membership or EIT Education. 

Comprehensive Accelerated Time Compression (ATC) Diagnostics

1 Comprehensive ATC Diagnostic with Excellence Installations Specialist.

Following the diagnostic, an ATC List is drawn, mapping each strategic mindset shift and capability development to specific Installations & Implementation procedures for Accelerated Success in compressed-time.

One-on-One Review with Excellence Installation Specialist 

1 Review
(Upgradable to 6)
Excellence Installation Specialist reviews the impact of the Strategic Adjustments and Installations already made and any course corrections or additional layers required until the Next big Strategic Evolution Cycle.

Implementation by Change Specialists

During A&H Consultations and Review events, Excellence Installation Specialists may assign specific Installations & Implementation procedures, to be done by Specialist Change Agents, one-on-one, to accelerate your success.

Change-work Validation by Excellence Installation Specialist 

Every implementation, change-work, installations done, especially during review events, is always validated by Excellence Installation Specialists to ensure multi-layered impact and success on auto-pilot.

Evolution Mapping 

1 Cycle of evolution 

The Evolution Mapping Science creates time compression for core life outcomes across time — and delivers up to 2 years worth of time-compression every 6 months in each cycle. This A&H Patented Evolution Mapping is cutting edge and available for the First Time in the World. 

On-demand Access to Diagnostics

You have private access to your Diagnostics available securely on your login through the A&H Launch your Legacy App available on iOS and Android.

Accelerate uP! Launchpad 

A perfect balance of an exhilarating high and the effortless magic of personalized, targeted Installations made innate. A 6-day Experience that catapults you to new standards of Life experiences, each time, every time. The well-planned Magic Diversity brings in extensive social influence capabilities across demographics for a fluid, comfortable, and natural vibe enhancement.

Access to A&H Launch your Legacy App

Exclusive account on A&H Launch your Legacy mobile App available for iOS and Android gives you several features including access to your personalised ATC Diagnostics, all support requests, visibility into achievements of the community on a day to day basis. Convenient way to track your personal evolution and celebrate time-compression. 

SOS Critical Support services

Although not officially part of uP! and the uP!+CPM Promise, if any member is going through a critical or challenging situation and requires immediate support, Critical Support services may be made available after evaluation, and instant implementations maybe arranged within 72 hours.

Peak Performance Preparation Kit 

Access to Peak Performance resources and Learning Management System with Specially Curated videos for eliciting on-demand peak performance states and preparation for key events in your life

Disclaimer: Participants are required to take care of their food, accommodation, travel and venue charges.

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