The ONE question that many of our well-wishers have asked us is How is CTD at even being made possible at Rs. 38000 and even more, at Rs. 19,000 with the pre-registration half off sale especially

when the Early Decider offer for The uP! Promise starts at 2.45 Lakhs and goes all the way upto 6 Lakhs

and When Fast Track Membership, that too by invitation only starts at 8.25 Lakhs?

Then How is CTD 19000 only?


It’s simple. There are 3 Enablers:


  1. We have been building an Eco-system to enable this CostWe are expensive because ALL our Installation efforts are One-on-One. And this means to give someone time, we have to deny someone else time. But here is the deal, in the last 7 years we have mentored 30 Excellence Installation Specialists.


These extraordinary people had to qualify at least one of the following:

  1. Must have P&L experience as a Director, CXO or VP of a 100+ Crore enterprise or
  2. Must have have been a co-owner for a startup for at least 3 years or
  3. Must have have been an independent  professional who has either crossed 1 Crore in annual revenue or has impacted 1000 lives (one-on-one), in their field of expertise or
  4. Must have been involved in the strategy and operations within the defense forces where high level of intelligence and strategic thinking is required.

And it is this hard work and relentless dedication of these individuals that has made the CTD affordable at such a low cost for an Installations program. Because now, for this specific purpose of Business Intelligence Installations and Emotional Empowerment, we have 30 more people who can figure the exact strategic adjustments to make in you that will give you an accelerated growth, who have been personally trained and mentored by Harini & me.


  1.  The pilot CTD we did several years ago, without the One-on-One consultation brought us several customers who joined the uP! Promise and a few others applied and were selected for the A&H Fast-track Membership. It was heartening to see so many people get such amazing business breakthrough. And a lot of these individuals have come back for more. And we are convinced that most of our customers, when they experience the power of Time Compression, will want nothing short of a Living a Life of Creating a Legacy. And we are in the business of Legacy Acceleration.


  1. This is the 3rd Reason why we have made it work at this price point, And this reason is the closest to my heart. I have seen talented people go unnoticed and mediocre people closing all the good deals. The third kind is very rare, these are extraordinary people who close extraordinary deals, they are the people who excited me. If all the Good People in the world got recognized, for their capabilities and the good that they do, the world would be such a different place. We don’t want sleazy sales people to be great at closing deals, or that charismatic addicted neighbour down the street, but we want people who have a good heart and something valuable to offer to close great deals.


So we intend that you come and Get yourself Credibly Great at Closing Deals like a Pro. and experience a never-before kind of a personal, One-on-One Impact, because we don’t believe in group stuff that is impersonally and massy. 

Impact = One-on-One.

You are a Unique person, with your Unique situations and solutions for you are unique too. So without taking care of that, we’re not even going to proceed with the Installations of Capabilities of Closing Deals. That is why, even before you can meet Harini and me at the event, doing what we do best, you meet my Excellence Installation Specialists, who will give you time and their expertise and solutions being implemented again One-on-One for you by the Change Agents we have trained.


But here’s the Catch:

Catch 1#: After Jan 6th, you will no longer get CTD at this rate. And besides, a lot of dedicated readers and avid watchers of our videos across all platforms (2000000+) have been following us for a while and you want that break through and although, you may have not invested in Excellence Installations in the past because of time of financial reasons, Now is your opportunity. And if you are anyway going to come, atleast be part of the first 100 seats so that you sit along with my members who have paid 8.25 Lakhs and get closer access to Harini and Me.

Catch 2#: Most of the Excellence Installation Specialists (EIS) have their own business ranging from 50 Crores to 100 Crores. They are also planning to launch several installation business in partnership with Antano & me across the world. While I would like to continue CTD and continue it at this cost, I cannot assure you if we will have this program again very soon. My own customers (4000+) have been waiting for this for the last 2 years.


Get to it now, when you still can:


Date: 11th, 12th March 2019

Venue: St. Andrews Auditorium, Mumbai

Consultation Dates with EIS:
Mumbai : 25th Feb – 2nd Mar
Delhi : 
15th, 16th, 17th Feb
Hyderabad : 
11th, 12th Feb
Bangalore : 
8th, 9th Feb
Chennai : 
5th, 6th Feb


If you want to CLOSE Life Changing Deals. This is simply the most fastest route and the most affordable.

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