uP! Superior Capabilities. Installed.

uP! Is a 2 year relationship with Antano & Harini to Accelerate Your Success. The service is offered as a combination of Consultation + uP! Events + Review. This is not a training, coaching or motivational program, instead it is a program that leverages the technology of excellence installation to make adjustments in your unconscious patterns and develop new capabilities at unprecedented speed. You can find the dates for uP! Events in the calendar here

You are Special:

You are on this page because someone who has done uP! or is an A&H Member referred you. This means you don’t have to go through the webinar and educational email sequences that is mandatory for other participants to apply for uP.  If you do not understand the meaning of installations or if you would want to know more about uP! and A&H Membership, then we request you to please join this webinar:


The uP! is priced at 3.05 Lakhs. The current early pricing is 1.65 Lakhs  + Taxes. There are no Seasonal Offers. The early bird pricing started at .65 Lakhs. The best time to register is always NOW irrespective of how near or far in the future you want to do the program.  The price will increase to 2.45 Lakhs and subsequently to 3.05 in the near future as and when we hit the threshold of registrations at this price point.  We practice a fair pricing policy so we can never offer you a rate from the past. 

The investment covers:

  • 1  Consultation before uP! with Antano & Harini
  • Unlimited Access to uP! Events till Dec 2019
  • Venue Charges covered for participation in the first uP! Event
  • 1 Review after uP! with Antano & Harini 

Since you are a Friend or Family of uP! or A&H Member, you can get access to the special price of 1.6 Lakhs + GST = 1.88 Lakhs.

3 Steps to Apply:

1. Make a Token Payment of Rs. 50,000/-
2. Complete the Application Procedure. You will get Email details.
3. Make the Remaining Payment or Request for an EMI