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The reason, I have helped my clients create over 500 Crores in additional revenue, live a more fulfilled life, enjoy the passionate love in their life again, do what they love and find the purpose of their life is because with Accelerated Success people get the freedom of time, money and resources to do more meaningful and fulfilling things.

My method is not about giving business models, neither does it include motivation or the do’s and don'ts of life. My method is to simply help you develop new capabilities, overcome limitations and evolve yourself immediately and strategically in a way that results start to chase you because of who you have become and the things you do differently.

People from all over the world and every industry come to me, simply because I help people evolve so fast. What I have got for you is my life time of experience doing the impossible and turning around lives, relationships and businesses by evolving the person.

What Harini & I will Personally do for you?

1) I will meet with you one on one, and consult with you the things that are going to be a game changer for you, given your unique situation in life and the skills and capabilities you already have developed. I have a rich experience of finding those critical gaps where you MUST evolve to get to the next level in your life. And instead of life taking 10 to 20 Years, I can identify them now, and help you fix it immediately.

2) Adjust and Shift your unconscious patterns at the 6 Day uP! Event. To know what to change is the beginning, but making it happen is another thing. Personal Development and transformation has to be immediate.

3) Meet with you again. Review your progress and invite you to the uP! Event again after 4 Months to take you to the NEXT level again all over.

What We want you to do?

I want you to make a token advance of Rs. 10,000/- and apply for the uP! Promise. Go through the selection process and pay the remaining 1.85 Lakhs (including GST) within 60 days. And then book your consultation with me and see me at the earliest uP! Event you can make it to. The uP! Calendar is here - www.antanoharini.com/calendar

3 Reasons why you must register now

1) My Promise is that I can help you evolve within 1 - 2 years what would have taken you 10 to 20 years otherwise. I will help you experience sustained transformations that will be magical during the program and even better after the program. But the NEW you will take 3 - 6 months to create NEW results in your relationships and business. And the second round another 3 - 6 months. Which means if you start now we are looking at the NEW outcome in 2019.

2) The PRICE is a big deal. Just look at the chart below. This is how our pricing is growing. And besides we deliver 2 other promises that go all the way upto 12 Lakhs. I have seen people who were interested when this was 45,000 pay 1.65 Lakhs. And I appreciate them for having made the decision finally because even at the price it’s a steal. You will eventually get to the program but why pay twice more when you can get it now. There is even a zero percent interest installment plan to suit your earnings.

3) Can you afford missing the opportunity? I am moving into a new model. Since we are accelerators we are taking ownership (upto 10%) of the businesses of the individuals we help, in additional to the regular fee that you are about to pay. When this program is launched in full throttle (it's in beta now), we are going to be super selective of who we work with. We can afford to do this because the work we do is unprecedented and there is the demand by people who truly recognize a diamond as a diamond.

Register for uP! Promise
1.65 Lakhs + GST (Special Price)

Step 1: Make the token amount invested of Rs. 10,000/- 

Step 2: Get on an Skype/Telephonic Interview with a Consultant from A&H Selection Committee

Step 3: If qualified, complete your registration by making the remaining payment. If not qualified, the token amount deposit will be refunded in full.

Limited Consultation Slots

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1. You need to visit me for a consultation before you attend an uP! Event. We may still be able to get you the consultation slot the NEXT month. The consultation alone has saved people so much in their life.

2. The earlier you register, the earlier you can attend the upcoming event. We still have a place for you for the coming event and just like consultation, the event slots are also booked way in advance. So, hurry up.

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