uP! Promise Offer from Harini Ramachandran

If you are seeing this page, you are probably invited by Harini to claim your special offer. And this is not just one offer, it is 3 offers packaged into one invitation.

Quick Facts about the Offer:

1.  I am going to give you a straight Rs. 80,000/- price reduction.
2. You will get a complimentary upgrade to the highest uP! Promise
3. You are welcome to participate in the uP! promise even before you complete the full payment. (If you require an interest-free EMI)

The Full Offer Explanation:

1. The 80K discount: This is for responsiveness. I am doing this because I like to work with people who are good at decision making and know to look at a diamond and grab it fast. I am taking on a big responsibility here. I am committing to help you accelerate your results and I have to do that in the short time we have together. So, I want to meet more people like you who make good decisions and take  immediate actions. The Rs.80,000 is your reward for taking the right action, now. 

2. The uP! Promise comes in 3 Packages: Although in my heart I want everyone to take the ultimate package, we kept the standard package to welcome in people who couldn't arrange for the full price of the uP! Promise Ultimate Package. And ever since, I have been searching for reasons to upgrade people to the ultimate package because I want to have that time with you in private before and after the uP! Event. I want to see you multiple times at uP!, at each stage of your progress. The more I see you the more data I have for my other billion dollar wearable tech business in the making. So, it goes both ways. The more you come for the uP! events the further I can help you get. Simply because the challenges at each stage of growth is different. And I want you to have the choice and freedom to come for uP! at each stage of your growth. Following is an illustration of the uP! Promise Packages with their features and pricing. I am giving you a complimentary upgrade from Standard to Ultimate.


uP! Promise - Essentials

Access to uP! in India

1 - Complementary Revisit  

50% Fee for Additional Revisit

Rs. 2,45,000/-
+ Taxes


Includes Exclusive Access

Access to uP! in India

1 - Complementary Revisit  

50% Fee for Additional Revisit

Private Pre & Post Consultations

Rs. 2,85,000/-
+ Taxes


Maximum Access

Access to uP! in WorldWide

Unlimited Complementary Revisit  

Private Pre & Post Consultations

Access to Priority Consultations

Rs. 3,05,000/- + Taxes

To Summarise, you are paying for the standard and getting a complimentary upgrade to the ultimate uP! Promise. And with the action taker gift of Rs80,000, you will be getting the entire thing for 1.65 Lakhs plus taxes

3. Flexibility to participate in the uP! Promise even before you complete your full payment: Why would I do that? I would do that because I will not allow money to get in the way of your success. So, I am willing to go as far as to give you an easy payment option, interest free,  that can even extend beyond the dates of the uP! Program. Most people who come for uP! won't need this offer or the payment plan but if you need one, we still have your back covered. I am doing this because I have seen people come for uP! to break the vicious cycle of no money and no time by taking some very bold steps and I want to make it easier for everyone! For some people this investment has been the last of their saving and I respect that. That is why you see the following money back guarantee mentioned below.


After helping so many people from all walks of life, we are so sure that if we select you, we will help you change your life. We are so confident about this that for the uP! Promise we are offering a 365 Money Back Guarantee. If you feel your life does not change and if the installations and insights from uP! are not useful in your day to day life, you can ask for a FULL REFUND after participating in the uP! Promise including the complimentary revisit.

Our Toll Free Number 1800 3000 2909 is reachable on all working days!

How to claim this offer?

1. Complete the following form and payment of Rs. 10,000 to request for uP! Promise
2. An A&H  consultant will take you through the selection process
3. Once selected, you can choose you city and date for participation
4. Make the full payment or agree on a payment plan based on your financial needs and send in your PDCs
* If your request is not approved, we will have to refund the deposit of Rs. 10,000 and you can apply again after 6 Months.