TEDx GITAM University

Antano Solar John is the co-creator of Excellence Installation Technology. Excellence Installations Technology (E.I.T.) is the science of “How to change the trajectory of your life” with precise adjustments that lead to sustained and accelerated results.  He is an explorer of what makes a genius a genius. And in this talk, he shares about how to continue the evolve the bar of excellence.

100 years ago no one would have believed that you can travel from one country to another within few hours. Today, the engineering, design and the technology of the aeroplane is taken for granted. Excellence Installations Technology is the aeroplane in the space of Personal Excellence. The technology allows for an individual to improve behaviours, traits and their core nature in weeks and months instead of years and decades.

Antano has worked with Academy Award winner A.R Rahman to accelerate the performance of the Sunshine Orchestra, solved medically impossible challenges, helped million dollar businesses develop organizational excellence, and continues to work with the top musicians, performers and businessmen to bring about an innate shift in their unconscious patterns of thinking that produces extraordinary consequences over time.

He is a tech evangelist who is passionate about revolutionising the entire learning experience with the help of technology. He experimented how the patterns of Neuro Linguistic Programming worked in a variety of situations whenever he had time outside his busy career as the chief technology officer(CTO) of Nuveda.

He has helped hundreds of people “Create an Identity” for themselves and live a happier life. He has transformed businesses, relationships, solved medically impossible conditions and have liberated people from life-threatening situations.

In this TEDx talk, Antano challenges the common misconception that geniuses are specialists in one area and encourages people to look at personal limitations as opportunities that when overcome brings out the true individual genius in you.