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Predictive Intelligence


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The need for PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE. When a child is crossing a busy street without signals, she instinctively knows whether she can cross safely or wait for the vehicle to pass. The math of that isn’t a simple distance = velocity * time. It is far from that, because both the child and the vehicle are changing speeds. If you had to calculate it mathematically, you would be running two integral equations one for the child and one for the vehicle with a set of variables including the coefficient of friction between the child’s footwear and the road. Thankfully, we don’t have to know any of it.

Now, think about what happens when you stretch this from a 5 second crossing the road scenario to 5 days, 5 months, 5 years, 50 years. 

The boundaries of what is possible appear endless… and with thousands of case studies, independent research and review, Excellence Installations is a proprietary technology to create life results using Personal Evolution as a vehicle that was either impossible otherwise or in a time frame that is a fraction of the conventional route.

200+ Years Time Compressed for tens and thousands of people!

2500+ Families and Relationship evolved!

50,000+ breathroughs and Counting!

800Cr Revenue generated for people within 4 years!

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