What’s the difference between Motivation and Real Personal Excellence?

Motivation is like a drug. You need to take those shots, to be able to function. It’s like how you get on a skateboard, and push with your leg, and then the skateboard accelerates, moves ahead, but eventually stops. And then you have to push again. And again. And again. Like those shots to keep you high. The bitter truth about such a high is that it also fizzles away. Being a motivation junkie is like eating all the potato wafers that are packaged as ‘healthy’, not knowing that it is slowly and steadily changing the body for the worse. It’s very tasty and gives great satisfaction, and creates the illusion of ‘healthy’, but the harm is in what happens in the long run.

Real Personal Excellence is like having a skateboard with a powerful motor, intelligence and precise, targeted intuition on. To start, to accelerate, to look and predict mirages, to avoid the ditches, getting crash protection, powerful engine enough to handle even tough bumps…
Real Personal Excellence is about developing Systemic Thinking – Recognising the impact of every action, every adjustment, every decision you make every moment and the impact, in the long run across various aspects of your life.

Real Personal Excellence is about Developing Real Capabilities. Not gathering certificates, but Getting Real Skill, Real Capabilities. Capabilities to learn fast, capability of connecting the dots, capability of rapid unconscious assimilation, here is a list of Superior Capabilities for Personal Genius. Alongside Superior capabilities, you also want to develop real skill – not certifications, not just cognitive knowledge, but the actual real Ability to Close deals, to transform people, subject matter expertise/technical expertise etc. whatever is required to complete your individual rarity, so you not just have Accelerated Success, but prepare to Launch your Legacy.

1. Motivation is like going after a Lottery. Real Personal Excellence is a continuous Investment that multiplies multifold (not necessarily in a linear fashion) and grows in unimaginable measures with time, and continues to evolve.

2. Motivation creates Desperation. Real Personal Excellence creates Strategy and the Capabilities to Execute an Evolve on the go.

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