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uP! with Antano & Harini - Superior Capabilities. Installed.

Master the tools and skills necessary to Program your Neurology. You can use it for anything you fancy. Motivate yourself. Transform your businessInfluence the Sub-Conscious of Anyone Anytime. Help a friend Heal. Learn a new Skill. Get Excellent at what you are already skilled at. Discover Yourself Win Whatever you choose! Get the Emotional Freedom you deserve...

Imagine a hat. Or a ring. A pendant. Or a pen. Or a shirt. What is that one thing you like to wear on you most times?

If you could plant a certain something within yourself, one that will make your life's experience richer, more meaningful, exciting, joyful and passionate, what would it be?

And then, you can pick which emotion you want to wear for what occasion. You have the choice. You have color. You have music. You have sensations. Now, how beautiful would life be if you could fill it with excellence in its complete circle.

Excellence everywhere. Your business. Your personal life. Enjoying relationships. Cracking that tough deal with ease. Getting over a crippling phobia/belief/emotion. Personal Freedom.

That's what uP! with Antano & Harini is all about. It's a liberating experience. A scintillating skill to have planted with you... It has several shades to it that you could wear on and off, like a ring or a pendant.

Don a Genius hat, one with supremely superior skill, grace and wisdom. Above all, one that loves life and wants to invest in making life more beautiful.

uP! includes:

1. One-on-one Consultations with Antano & Harini

uP! is NOT a one-size-fits-all "training" program where you learn a bunch of techniques of NLP or have a temporary feel-good factor.  Instead this is where Antano & Harini do personalised, targeted Excellence Installations for you to Evolve your personal genius and Succeed on Auto-Pilot. For that purpose, they do a one-on-one consultation with you, to precisely identify needs to change for you as an individual, given your unique challenges & situation... what targeted, specific changes in your behaviours, emotions and habits will create a butterfly effect in your life... changes that are generative & progressive... changes that allow you to Accelerate your success towards Lauching your personal legacy. 

At uP! events, they literally "install" these changes. Such that these changes feel as natural to you as breathing or walking. And that is why- Superior Capabilities. Installed.

2. Excellence Installations TM by Antano & Harini at uP!

Antano & Harini make happen the most crucial changes necessary in you for you to Go to the Next level in your Life. What happens even when the 'Best' is not good enough? Excellence Installations were earlier available only to the celebrities, most distinguished geniuses, sports persons etc. and it would usually cost millions to get an Excellence Installation. Making the same technology available to you, at uP!, Antano & Harini perform Excellence Installations in a way that you find that something has changed in you, and it feels natural

You find yourself suddenly being able to do things that you couldn't earlier, including making decisions quickly, following your passion, getting abundance in your life - financially, personally, professionally. You notice how easily you have gotten over unuseful habits, you inculcate new ones, you find your own limiting beliefs about various things automatically disappear and new powerful beliefs getting deep rooted and all of this happens seamlessly over the 6 days you spend with Antano & Harini. You also discover yourself, go deep inside and emerge with a perspective that transforms your entire life. Antano & Harini change internal processes that have become habits through Excellence Installations - that help you get what you want. And all of this, happens through their profound wisdom in conversational programming and carefully crafted NLP interventions they target with precison. The change people experience and how it sustains and grows with time is phenomenal. 

"These two are distinct in many ways – they are unabashed to demonstrate their passion for excellence – fortunately, this passion is founded on extensive field experience and a wide range of applications. They offer a special configuration as they work as a team with elegance and effectiveness – all this based on their personal mastery of the patterning."

- Dr. John Grinder (Creator of NLP & New Code NLP)

3. Success on Auto-Pilot

Antano & Harini have been success coaches for top performers, business men and CXO's of large MNCs. Now, you have their personal attention as they spin conversational magic for you using advanced NLP Patterning and conversational programming to deliver the same benefit to you, that only their one on one exclusive clients used to get.

This ensures that your life is set on an autopilot to success in a way that every day is better than the previous day!

4. Unlimited Access to uP! events for 3 Years

The first time you come to uP!, you get a breakthrough and you get to the next level. But when you come to uP! the second time, you recognise the need to get to the next level uP!. Antano & Harini do the next level of Excellence Installations, you overcome very different limitations and evolve different capabilities that allows you to Evolve Excellence continually and progressively, to create bigger & bigger results consistently! 

So, you have 3-Years of Unlimited revisits available to uP! events. And this, becomes a loop of total evolution, transformation and Success on Auto-Pilot that just continues to grow and multiply with time.

We Grow with You at every level!

5. World's Finest NLP Education

The NLP Education you receive in addition to the Excellence Installations has the following unique benefits:

1) Practical and Relevant for you and your situation in life!

2) Personalised Attention 

3) Fully Integrated into your life

4) Excellent Peer Learning environment

5) Learn by Application

6) Experience NLP as you learn 

uP! with Antano & Harini = 

+ One-on-one Consultations with Antano & Harini

+ Excellence Installations by Antano & Harini

Success on Auto-pilot

+ 3-Years Unlimited Access

+ NLP Education

Learn from the Genius-Makers, Antano & Harini

Several years ago, Antano helped a man overcome a C5 paralysis condition (Quadriplegia), get back movements, become independent and get back to his full-time job within 1.5 years.  And Antano used Dr. John Grinder's help and immersive personal mentoring to help the man overcome the medical limitation. At the time, Dr. John Grinder predicted that Antano & Harini will take NLP beyond it's current boundaries. In his own words:

"I anticipate contributions from these two that will push the patterning of NLP past its present boundary conditions and into new territory.
- Dr. John Grinder (Co-Creator of NLP & New Code NLP)

Today, Antano & Harini help driven individuals Launch their Legacies in compressed time. Antano & Harini realised that NLP is a powerful technology 

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This is what you get from uP!
  • World of New Possibilities open up for you 
  • Influence people subtly, yet with precision
  • Become a powerful communicator; one of the greatest assets you can have - your most precious wealth and weapon in today's world
  • Take charge of your emotions and experience personal Freedom
  • Ability to get into a Peak Performance state anytime you desire 
  • Program yourself Ahead of Time to be optimal and resourceful, in any challenging situation
  • Get over any limiting beliefs you may have had that could have held you back from doing what you want to do 
  • Flush out phobias, addictions, fears and compulsions forever 
  • Become an Agent of Change - on yourself and on others  
  • Set Success on Auto-pilot such that every passing day, you find yourself accomplishing more and more 
  • Experience that Magical Balance in your life that Supercharge your Personal and Professional Life uP with finesse.

Get the wisdom to pick out of your menu of possibilities. Enjoy your palette of colors. Make your own colors and tunes. Know which shade to pick for which object. Be a Miracle Factory.

uP! is a place where Antano & Harini take the best from NLP and combine it with their real-field experience of having worked with 3000+ individuals, at a very personal level, to deliver contextual and relevant results in the areas of Business, Health and Personal Genius based on Conscious and UnConsious Patterning!

What makes Antano & Harini the leading authority in NLP and Personal Excellence?

Antano & Harini produce results even in situations that seem impossible. People come to them from all walks of life usually after having tried everything else. They have worked with legends like A.R. Rahman, super senior Athletes who have made our country proud,  Billion Dollar Business Owners, Investors, Actors, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, TOP Executives from fortune 500 and people from various other industries. They are endorsed for excellence in their experience and understanding of human excellence by the co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Dr. John Grinder. They have been interviewed by NDTV and several other channels in India as well as in Washington D.C. Their rare combination to both identify what adjustments have to be made and help the individual 'install' those new behaviours in their unconscious patterning makes their work very unique and powerful. Their passion is in helping driven individuals launch their legacy in compressed time.

What Leaders are saying about Antano & Harini

"Thanks, your work shows." - A.R. Rahman, Academy-award winning Music Composer

"Antano is a genius and his work to accelerate results comes from a rare combination of coaching, consulting and real changework that just works." - Anurag Batra, Chairman, Businessworld

“Antano is a master in picking up the problems that need a fix and he helps you to overcome it with ease.” - Sreejith Sivananda, Senior Director, AOL  

"No matter where you are, and how varied the need may be, A&H have always precisely nailed the unexpected." - Sudha Raghunathan, Padma Bhushan Awardee

The unique uP! offering includes:

Excellence InstallationsTM by Antano & Harini + World-class Premium NLP Patterning + Real world Integration of NLP in your Life + Success on Auto-pilot + One-on-one Consultations + Unlimited Access to Antano & Harini for the next 3 Years.

uP! gives you a platform integrated in the course module where you are coached individually; where you work on the go with yourself or people from the real world having real challenges, as part of the course. No where else will you have the opportunity to apply and practice the NLP skillsintegrate and test everything you have learned right before you finish your course.

Invest for Growth and Accelerated Success  for the rest of your life and enjoy spinning magic on yourself and others as you go uP! with Antano & Harini now.

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What happens after uP!?

uP! Alumni is one of the strongest, most connected and influential Alumni networks today comprising Businesspeople, Doctors, Lawyers, Artists, Corporate Professionals, Celebrities, Marketing gurus, Most experienced Executive Coaches, Trainers, The Top most Industry Image Consultants, Professors, Teachers, Home makers and students. 

Read through the Experiences of uP! Alumni from all walks of life continuing to Experience Miracles in their lives during and after uP! and look back at today, the day you made the decision to go uP! with Antano & Harini, as one of the best days of your lives, because it changed everything for them.

uP! Experiences captured by a well-wisher

An aspiring professional filmmaker Anirban Chowdhury, overwhelmed by his experiences and profound changes at uP!, decided to capture emotions & experiences of his co-participants as well, to give you a feel of what his own uP! experience was like so that you know you don't want to miss out on the makeover you can bring into your own life with Antano & Harini at uP!.

The people in the video are not coming to uP! for the first time but are people who are revisiting uP! and have been in their A&H journey for at least 6 months to 1 year. And they talk about profound changes they experienced in their life immediately as they evolved excellence, multiplied success and took their lives uP! several notches!

Accelerate Your Success today, Get Superior Capabilities. Installed., Experience the wonders of Excellence InstallationsTM with Antano & Harini at uP!, Register Now because there is no point waiting any longer. Take charge and Take your Life to the Next level now.

Fill uP! the contact form now, and one of our Experts will reach you quickly:

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John Gri​nder's Endorsement

Dr. John Grinder – Creator & Founder of NLP & New Code NLP

These two are distinct in many ways – they are unabashed to demonstrate their passion for excellence – fortunately, this passion is founded on extensive field experience and a wide range of applications. They offer a special configuration as they work as a team with elegance and effectiveness – all this based on their personal mastery of the patterning. Antano and Harini are two of the finest trainers available in NLP at the present...


Antano & Harini help Vikas triples his Consulting and training business after uP!. 

Nanda Kishore achieves true "abundance" in business, music and relationships!

"I am in safe hands. I have nothing to worry about." - Janak, Industrialist

Antano & Harini help 3 students, crack GMAT, start a business and get into IIM respectively.

Deepika Chalasani drops 3 sizes and starts a successful business in a unique niche!


“Almost all of our Senior Management and Sales professionals have gone through interventions by Antano & Harini. There has been a significant increase in revenue contributed by these individuals even during testing times.”

- Jeyachandran, Vice-president, Murutham Group

“Thanks to Antano & Harini, I have just completed my First Movie as a Music Director. From a composer for ad jingles all the way to this big milestone, has been an amazing journey.”

 - Rajeesh Raghunath, Music Director

“Since my journey with Antano & Harini started, I quit my job in pursuit of my dream, I have written a book, I took to learning Kathak, I am a speaker, blogger, I have my own business, I’m a Storyteller for children and everything else I dreamed I would be. I now do things with more focus and have the courage to do the things I love.”

- Gayatri Aptekar, Parenting Coach, Author and Therapist

“Antano & Harini have helped me in personal transformation and in achieving my goals, especially in business.”

 - Blossom Kochhar, Pioneer of Aromatherapy and Creator of Aroma Magic range of products

“Having dropped 3 sizes, starting my own business, At the age of 40 now, I’m happier, fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been.”

- Deepika Chalasani, CEO, Fit4Life

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