"Launch Your Legacy"

in compressed time without wasting decades of your life!

Why A&H Membership? 


100 years ago no one would have believed that you can travel from one country to another within few hours. Today, the engineering, design and the technology of the airplane is taken for granted. Excellence Installations Technology is the airplane in the space of Personal Excellence. The technology allows for an individual to improve behaviours, traits and their core nature in weeks and months instead of years and decades. Excellence Installations Technology (E.I.T.) is the science of "How to change the trajectory of your life" with precise adjustments that lead to sustained and accelerated results.


What 99% of the world works on, including the top most of change agents are the symptoms and not the Real Problem. The challenge of sustainability exists because sorting out one symptom causes the another symptom to surface, creating a chicken and egg situation. For most of you the limitations have become so much a part of you, that you have now started designing life around these limitations, thereby losing out on a world of opportunities. Identifying that "underlying limitation" and fixing it Creates a butterfly effect and Holistic abundance.   


As a result of "Excellence Installations" you will begin to create Richer life experiences leading to the Evolution of Your Personal Genius. Antano & Harini periodically track your journey of evolution and make targeted adjustments that fast tracks your path to success. 


Sometimes you may find yourself unreasonably stuck or lost even after being highly ambitious. No amount of motivation, Inspiration and self-help can pull you out of this pattern as you need "Real changes" and not relief. Unfortunately, some people have relaxation or motivation as a measurement of Progress, loosing out on 20-30 years of their life solving the wrong problem every day. Launching a Legacy is the byproduct of Personal Excellence & an Evolved Personal Genius.

"The life you create becomes an Inevitable Natural Outcome of Who you are"  
-Harini Ramachandran

Why even the intelligent and smart people lose decades of their life chasing a Mirage?

If you are reading this I assume that you are serious about your commitment to Create an Identity for Yourself and Leave a Legacy behind. Which means you not only want to top the chart, you also want to do it fast enough! In the text below, I am going to break some myths and open you to some ideas that you may have never heard before. So, this is going to be an intense read, brace yourself! If you do not have the time and attention for this now, please come back to it when you can “Invest your everything into this”.  

- Preethi Sankkari
E.I. Specialist - A&H Team


The understanding of the answer to this question could be all that is needed for you to break free from illusions!  Elicitation is evoking a temporary emotion (short-lived). Programming is creating a complete circuit in thinking patterns which is Sustainable, Progressive and Generative (a natural working mechanism). Most of us are culturally trained to measure emotions that are merely temporary feel-good factors and assume it to be “Real Transformation”. Some are very Intuitive in recognizing when a good change happens in your life, but most of them are trained to measure the wrong things.

1. There are people who go for a relaxation session and say I feel so relaxed. But what is the point if they are going to go back home and feel stressed again?

2. One goes for a motivation seminar and feels super pumped and on top of the world ”at that point in time”! So what? What happens after 1 week? Back to square one! Is this an Indication of “Real Change”?

So what should be the measurement of REAL Change? It should be - How the person’s life turns out in a month’s time, in three months and in a year? Is the person naturally motivated in the contexts he needs it the most?

Important Lesson : Learn to measure the right parameters.


If you are here to find out a shortcut or a lazy way out, this is definitely not for you. What I am going to share with you is not for you to cut out on all the hard work, but it is for you to Get the Maximum results out of whatever you are doing.

There Is Much More Than You Think There Is To Personal Excellence

1. Sorting out your Core: Your core comprises of your values, beliefs and the patterns that drive your life. This is the Primary Component of your Identity. Most of this is acquired as a child and is Innate by now. Your core needs to be strong and indomitable. The branches from your core need to work integrally, supporting each other.

2. Genius Unconscious Patterns: There is a complex Interconnected, Internal system that needs to function flawlessly in you for you to even have the possibility to think of Launching a Legacy. Identifying the right problem, Solving Internal Conflicts, Overcoming Limiting beliefs & emotions. Your core needs to be strong and indomitable. The branches from your core need to work integrally, supporting each other.

3. Overcoming Personal Limitations: Some people can never sell. Some people can never learn to dance. Some people can never write an email. What is the thing that you can't do? No Matter what?? From the list of things you have come up with, there are at least a couple of things that are critical for the happiness and success in your life. Hundreds of years ago, people lived with these kinds of limitations saying -'this is who I am'. But now, we have the technology to get past these limitations. When you play to your strengths, your performance will surely improve but when you overcome your weakness and limitations, it will compound with your existing strengths and that combination is priceless.

4. Superior Capabilities: We need very specific capabilities (not skills) to accomplish certain goals. An exaggerated example will be one can't be tone deaf and become a fine singer. Similarly, for you to Launch Your Legacy there may be certain very specific capabilities you need. Sometimes we try working on everything else and don't recognize the missing capability that could be a game changer.

5. Enhancing the Eco-System: Your success is not going to come from your performance alone. You will need the support of people, family and sometimes strangers you can't afford yet. It takes a very strong core, conviction, charisma and effective storytelling to get the people in your life to take you where no one has gone before. To create a Legacy, you have to be this person.

6. Good Voice and Flexible Intonation: Believe it or not, the tone of your voice, actually the range of tones you can produce can drastically improve your connect, intimacy and joy in life. Its very sub-conscious. People who can express the emotions accurately in their voice are most times more trusted. Sadly, even many singers don’t have the capability to bring the richness of their voice into every conversation.

7. Geniuses find Geniuses to Mentor: Every legend has had someone in their life, who helps them see and learn things they didn't even know they didn't know. This is true of Steve Jobs, Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Bruce Lee, Lenardo da Vinci... whoever you think of. Here is the catch, Geniuses find geniuses to mentor. Developing all of the above will help you attract the right people in your life. And also, Antano & Harini have helped people at the very top get to the next level, so they will also continue to play this role for you.

8.Emotional Mastery: The state of mind you are in determines the visibility of the opportunities passing right in front of you. Most times you are stuck because of not having the choice to shift states of mind on demand. Emotional Mastery is the key to making the right decisions, having satisfying relationships, getting the clarity of thoughts and most importantly preventing the wastage of time that comes from worrying about life.

"The state of mind we are in determines the quality of output we produce"
- Antano Solar John

The most important factor for an avalanche of success is "Preparing yourself"

If launching a legacy is so simple, no one will have excuses. Because most of them are "Motivated to do something". In fact most people are convinced that they know what they are doing. And that this year, they will definitely get the results they want and then the year comes and then another year and then a decade. If someone could have, they would have!

Here is the catch!

Most people are good at a lot of things but don't know what exactly they should do and how they should channelize it. And even if they know what they want to do, they find themselves being stuck or pulled back by "random invisible factors".

I am talking about fully Inspired, Intelligent and motivated people!

These Individuals are trying everything they can to "Break Free from the addictive trap of Monotony and Ordinariness".

They have probably attended all kinds of self development programs, read self-help books, gotten inspired a hundred-thousand times yet are still stuck in the same rut.

Some of them have even lost 20-30 years of their life not knowing how they lost it.

                                                            SLOW POISON

This is the term I can think of when I see people making temporary fixes in their day to day battles with their own devils and suddenly waking up to the reality that years have passed by and nothing significant has evolved in their life. And they have probably lost the most important resource of their life, YEARS OF LIFE. 

So if you want to "Launch your Legacy", you have to “make a commitment to yourself” that you will not settle until you have a working mechanism to continually build a strong core and get the other components attached to work optimally without any internal conflicts.


Just like building a house, Launching a Legacy cannot be accomplished with a weak or a not so strong foundation. To Prepare you to ”Launch a Legacy" tremendous amount of targeted changes, evaluation, redirection and Installations are involved.

Have you seen how farmers work in their field?

  • They first remove the weeds and the foreign particles.
  • Secondly, they plough the field, add fertilizers and prepare it for the seeds to be sown!
  • Only Then they sow the seeds and nurture it 
  • And at the right season they see the beautiful harvest.

Similarly the first step in this context is to “Remove the weeds in your life”.


Sometimes we find ourself unreasonably stuck or lost even after being highly ambitious. No amount of motivation and self-help is able to pull us out of this pit. 


As a child and when you grew up, some good intentioned people may have unintentionally contributed to some unresourceful beliefs, thought patterns and myths that may have become a very innate and so much a part of you, that it is now completely transparent and indistinguishable. And this makes it very dangerous because only if you can identify something as a limitation you can fix it. Otherwise you'll be working on solving the wrong problems for several years one after the other trying to find the real problem.

             Overcoming Limitations is just the beginning. What happens Next?


If you want to really Create an Identity for yourself, you need Specific Superior Capabilities. You need to evolve the Personal Genius in You. Movies have made us believe that Geniuses are people who just do that one thing they are passionate about, who are most times socially awkward and boring. But this is far faaaar from the Truth.

Geniuses are people who:

a) Are Powerful Influencers, no matter which field they belong to 
b) Create rich life experiences for themselves
c) Have the capability to learn fast and learn well a variety of things
d) Have a way with people! - They know how to build powerful relationships with people!


Steve Jobs - A techie who mastered calligraphy and gave us beautiful fonts. Not to forget his outstanding oratorical skills and undeniable ability to sell. If Apple is what it is today it is because of him.

Albert Einstein - We all know him as a physicist. But how many of us know that he is a violin player, a musician and a philosopher? In his own words: “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in Music.”

Expert Help for ALL THE ABOVE!

Get the help of Experts to “Set you free from invisible traps, help you overcome the limitations that may have held you back and Accelerate Your Success with Superior Capabilities. Installed.” By now, I believe you know what kind of people I am referring to when I say “Experts”.

I am not talking about someone who reads something on google or some books and tries to impose it on you. Neither am I talking about Motivation Gurus.

In this context, Experts are those who can:
1. Find your Glimpse of Brilliance that is unique to you
2. Understand you fully without labeling or categorizing you stereotypically
3. Nail the right problem and  and not “shoot in the dark” and wait for something to work by hook or crook. 
4. Make sustainable transformations and work on targeted specific outcomes which become better with time.

Most importantly someone who has walked the talk, who is successful himself/herself, making his/her own legacy and who has the capability to Bring out the best in You and NOT to make you their clones!

Antano Solar John & Harini Ramachandran

Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachandran, the Creators of Excellence Installations Technology have helped thousands of people “Create an Identity” for themselves and live a happier life. They have transformed businesses, relationships and have liberated people from life-threatening situations.  

Antano & Harini have worked with Academy Award winner A.R Rahman to accelerate the performance of the Sunshine Orchestra, solved medically impossible challenges and helped million-dollar businesses develop organisational excellence. They are continuing to work with the top musicians, performers and businessmen to bring about an innate shift in their unconscious patterns of thinking that produces extraordinary consequences over time.

“Antano & Harini have done over 10,000 Installations in three thousand people's lives that have changed the trajectory of their life"

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Antano Is a Genius 

“My faith in Excellence Installation, NLP and Transformation came alive after Antano’s immersive sessions and his coaching. It has been a meditative experience and creates confidence that you can conquer the world and achieve your deepest desires and dreams and you feel you are equipped as Antano has provided the tool kit for Excellence. Antano is a Genius and his work to accelerate results comes from a rare combination of consulting, coaching and real changework that just works.”

Anurag Batra (Chairman, Business world)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

At the age of 40, I'm happier, Fitter and Healthier Than I've Ever Been

“I had no idea my life would transform so much. It’s been 3 years since I had my first experience with Antano & Harini and the moments of sustained excellence continue to unfold and grow after you go through the uP! experience, especially in the 6-day event with Antano & Harini. Having dropped 3 sizes, starting my own business. 

At the age of 40 now, I’m happier, fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been. Thank you Antano & Harini for this amazing life."

Deepika Chalasani (CEO, Fit4Life)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

The Decisions I make is Getting better Every Day

“I just can’t believe that I know so much. Ever since the experience with Antano & Harini, I am able to predict so much better what is going to work and what wouldn’t. And the best part

my intuition about the decisions I make is getting better every day

Neelima Chakra (Associate Director, Ernst & Young)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Unique Mix - Mind Engineering

“Antano has this unique mix of Engineering background along with Neuro Linguistic Programming which makes a potent combination that helps him with his ‘mind engineering’ efforts.

Sreejith Sivanandan (Senior Director, AOL)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Immediate, Targeted and Sustained Changes

Magic would be an understatement if I have to put all my experiences in one word. What has been envisaged for each one of us out there in the program was so meticulously detailed and yet made to look so simple that we did not know when we learned and how every thing fell in place . " Immediate, Targeted and Sustained Changes in your Life by Antano & Harini " As put in their own words from the legends. Wow they are amazing .

Suma Awasthi (Chief Architect)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

My Intuition has become so strong now!

“I used to think of people’s opinion as feedback. It is an eye opener to really learn what feedback is. And continuous feedback is the next league. My intuitions have become so strong now, that I can almost predict the outcomes before they really happen. This and much, much more has happened after I began my journey of Excellence Installations with Antano & Harini”

Aruna Das (Founder & Director, Catalyst Image Consulting )

Is A&H Membership for You?

If you are reading this I assume that you don't want a stereotypical life.
You want to Create an Identity for Yourself and Leave a Legacy behind. Which means you want to top the chart! 


  • I am "Thirsty for Excellence and Constant Evolution" 
  • I want to "Accelerate My Success" 
  • I want to take full responsibility to Evolve My Personal Genius 
  • I want to Launch my Legacy in 3 years not 30 years


  • I am comfortable living a mediocre life
  • I don't have big dreams! 
  • I want some magic to happen! Is this an Easy-Lazy way out? 
  • I am okay with 30 years or Never 

Basic components of A&H Membership Designed to Hone Every Aspect of Your Life

Over the last 6 years, we have evolved these 6 programs based on outcome based research and crores of investment to create Paradigm shifts with precision at every juncture of your evolution.


Identifying the Core Challenges  

1 Hour

Antano & Harini Precisely Identify and plan for the periodic changes need to be made for you to "Launch Your Legacy" as you evolve. You get six timely one-on-one Consultations that accelerate your success.  


2. uP!

Superior Capabilities. Installed.

6 Days

A new trajectory is set for the life ahead of you. A&H help you to let go of all your limitations, equip you with superior capabilities and personal excellence that allow you to create richer life experiences for yourself.

3. Genius in Action

Whole Life Integration!

7 days.

Once you have nothing but an Evolved Personal Genius Working for you flawlessly, its time to discover and work on "The Project of Your Heart" which otherwise could take a life-time or two. What can be more satisfying and pleasurable than working on the purpose of your existence?

4. Conversational Programming

Coaching that actually Works!

7 Evening

Once you have launched your legacy, there will come a point when you will have to "Build Excellence in people around you" and coach them to step up and take bigger responsibilities. You don't want to be a project planner who calls himself a coach right? You want to really have the capability to see what needs to shift and the ability to install that change!

5. Charisma Intensification

Creating Living Stories of Your Life

4 Days

​You are in the Process of Creating Your Legacy. So you better be so charismatic that people cannot deny the power of your presence and the impact you are having in their lives. You want the story of your life to linger in the ears of people across continents? 

6. Close The Deal Like a Pro

Unconscious Influence

1 Day

Selling is the most Important yet, under-rated capability. In-fact some people have a bad connotation to it. Sales is not just about selling products and services. What are the pre-requisites to be fine at convincing effectively? You need to be amazing at building trust, targeted Influence and build a powerful relationship. Imagine the Impact of these skills in your personal life!

Additional Privileges

Access to a Priority Consultations with A&H

The minimum waiting period for Consultations is 3-4 months based on bookings. But you don't have to wait that long. Your slot is booked on priority. You can skip the queue and get a consultation on priority in the city A&H are working in that month.   


Unlimited Access to uP!

The uP! Program is the place where you constantly continue to evolve your capabilities and master the intricacies of conversational programming.  uP! happens very frequently and each time you exceed your own targets and get to the next level, you will find yourself coming back to discover what else you can evolve. "Excellence is Addictive"  


One-time Emergency Lifeline Card

Is there an unforeseen crisis? Or a life changing decision that needs to be made immediately? Let us know and we do what we can to help you on an urgent basis.


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