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One of the most dangerous side-effects of Covid-19 is the dip in the energy level that people face for months together. So much so, that one even forgets the Baseline after a while and that is dangerous!

In the area of relationships, ability to learn new things and several other areas, do you have a baseline reference of who you were, who you are now and how you accelerate? The self assessment at the end of this mail – is a good way for you to ponder over important aspects of your life…. Before that, here’s a Video where Antano talks to you about the concept of Baseline by taking Covid-19 as an example.

Watch video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/xtzhv_loGik

Baseline Self-Assessment

Are there things that you were able to earlier with more ease that you aren’t able to do now? Consider – your Health, Physical Fitness, Ability to Make time to do what you want to do, your sense of Humour….

Which aspects of your life have improved and which areas do you think you would like to optimise so you can get to enhance your experiences and achievements?

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Chindhu Shri

Core Team Member, Antano & Harini

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