Karan started from suffering from health & emotional problems like epilepsy and depression and ends up evolving his excellence, unleashing his creativity as a poet and building awesome relationships as he continues his life-changing journey with Antano & Harini.

Karan was suffering from epilepsy. He was taking depression pills. He experienced constant shaking of hands and lacked confidence because of his medication. Antano & Harini shifted his entire focus from getting over medication to getting over specific limiting behaviours and emotions and unleashing his creativity & building meaningful relationships and having fun.

After consultation with Antano & several sessions with A&H Consultant, Preethi, he got over many of his emotional problems. After that, the trembling of his hand massively reduced and the psychiatrist tapered down his medication. More importantly, she started enjoying life. Subsequently, he could get back to writing poetry and started going on treks.

Do you have health & emotional challenges that limit your life, career, business & relationships? Antano & Harini can help you get over those challenges as well as evolve your personal excellence and get to the next level.

Preethi Sankkari

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