International Mental Wellness Scaling questionnaire

Health is Wealth! 

You are embarking on an accelerated journey of targeted capability development to enhance and enrich all aspects of your life to increase your happiness, satisfaction and impact multifold.

Over the next couple of years, it would be wonderful to also measure your ‘Mental Wellness’ from time to time, according to the Global Standards, and this questionnaire below, is a scientifically validated International scaling. 

This scaling below is not what we will be using for your diagnostics and consultations, but makes a good record for you, to document and measure over time. 

The great news is you have access to tools and the technology (Excellence Installation Technology) that can help improve your wellness and through targeted capability development, we aspire to help you achieve significantly high standards of wellbeing and capability development in a way that will enable you to fulfil your dreams and desires in compressed time. 

Please note: This questionnaire below is an International scaling and is not created by A&H. After this scaling, you will go through “A&H uP! Life Aspiration” questionnaire which is for your wonderful uP! Journey ahead

International Mental Wellness Scaling

Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been
bothered by any of the following problems?