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People who have experienced Excellence Installation with Antano & Harini believe this is the new Disruptive Technology in the space of Personal Excellence. A powerful technology that guarantees Real and Permanent Change in your life covering all key aspects including Health, Wealth, Relationships, Business and Career.

Precise, targeted Installations  leads to development of superior capabilities that will accelerated your success. It is like a series of individualized neurosurgery that produces permanent results, every time (without a surgical knife). Come experience the power of Excellence Installation and accelerate your success!

Date and Venue:
May 2022: Mumbai 

Why People from ALL over the World including Celebrities & Billion Dollar Business Owners come to Antano & Harini?

1. Antano and Harini are the creators of the Excellence Installation Technology that has changed the lives of thousands of people across the world, including the ones that were told that there was no hope.

2. They have an unique ability to find the invisible speed-breaker with each person, and the technology to ‘instantly develop’ new behaviors and superior capabilities.

3. Though people come for various reasons from attaining mastery in their core expertise to saving their marriage, almost all the people who come to Antano & Harini also start earning more than twice their original income even if that is not what they came for.

4. Antano & Harini are able to compress time to get the next level, no matter how high or low the person is in their journey.

3 Reasons to get Antano & Harini as your Mentor

1. Your Brain is Unique

Your Brain is UNIQUE. Where you are in your life, How you learn, Your limitations, Your Experiences in Life are unique and The LEGACY you can Create is Unique.

What Alex needs to grow fast enough in his life is so different from what George needs to grow fast in his life. The real problem is most times, neither does Alex nor George know what they really need to go to the next level. Sometimes, the solution could be as simple as making a tiny shift but how can you know the solution unless you know the problem?

Imagine an archer who has his eyes closed led into a forest and asked to shoot. He shoots randomly and the chances of even a single arrow hitting the target is almost zero. No, matter how skilled he is, how well designed his bow and arrow tools are, if he is shooting blindfolded, he is likely to waste his time and resources.

By the way: If you have been trying to overcome the obstacles in your life and have not been succeeding fast enough, you are "shooting in the dark", as well.

2. Change is Possible with UnConscious Patterning...

For centuries, we have been lead to believe that change is difficult. And the nature of people cannot change. Whatever your limitations are you have to learn to deal with it. But the truth is, people change all the time in unexpected circumstances. A near death experience or a natural calamity or radical shift of relationships in a person’s life are examples of how people have overnight changed who they are. These are examples of extreme situations in which a change happened in a moment.

3. The Science behind Real Change

We don't have to wait for such moments to get enlightened. The fortunate news is that, today, there are sufficiently advanced scientific methods that makes changes available on demand, The truth is change is easy, change is possible and change can be fast with unconscious patterning. Antano moved from programming machines to designing people's life when he helped a young man who was paralysed to get back movements. This is a demonstration of the heritage we have as humans and the extraordinary capabilities that are available within our reach. And the best part, you don't need hypnosis or trance work to make precise adjustments in your unconscious patterns. All you need is someone who knows how to make it happen for you!

The uP! Promise

Once every 10 years, life changes and for most people that is when you get to the next level in their life. At this rate, you get 6 Major leaps (max). And that is not sufficient to create a legacy or to do meaningful work. Antano & Harini can not only give you an immediate breakthrough and freedom from years of emotional baggage, they can also help you get to the next league faster than you have imagined. 

Top Achievers who come to Antano & Harini follow a simple rule.

Evolve Fast. Results Follow.

Most people waste their time chasing results. That leads to a struggle, cut-throat competition and energy drain. The people at the TOP don't have any competition. They can use their full energy to create value for themselves, their family and the world.

Antano & Harini will make strategic adjustments that will allow you to evolve so fast that Life becomes more fun, exciting, fullfilling and yet financially abundant.

    Proven Methods Based on Solid Research

    Works Across the Globe

    Directors of Billion Dollar organisations, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities and people from all walks of life and countries all over the world have approached Antano & Harini to accelerate the marvelous things they have been working towards in their life to happen in compressed time

    • Be it a breakthrough with medically impossible cases
    • or helping a businessman grow several times faster
    • or generating family bonding & harmony in even the most adverse situations
    • or supporting a national award winner at the absolute peak, enhance their performance further.

    Antano & Harini have done over 10,000+ installations in over 18+ sectors and participants from 13 different countries. Their expertise has been featured in some of the major news channel including the BBC Asian Radio network, Huffington Post, Business Standard, Economic Times and several others. 

    What happens during the uP! Events

    uP! is a 2 year relationship (until Jan 2021) with Antano and Harini, packed with solutions that just works. Whether you are stuck in your life, just need a breakthrough to get to the next level or at the pinnacle of your career: we have helped an achiever in your industry before and we certainly can help you FAST. Here is a list of #3 unprecedented work that goes on during the uP! Events:

    1. Removing the Pebbles in your Shoes

    This involves fixing emotional challenges (anger, irritation, frustration, nervousness, inability to express, states of being stuck in specific contexts), getting over any phobias (and enabling the neurology to multiply the consequences of the change), getting over un-useful habits and behaviors, Solving internal conflicts that you may not even know exists and getting over any baggage from the past.

    One can’t walk, sprint and run smoothly with pebbles in the shoes! Sometimes, some pebbles are just in the shoe for a long, long time, and one might even have gotten used to the discomfort, and forgotten about them, but surely, it will Hurt the foot badly at some point in time.These are pebbles are like speed-breakers, when it comes to Making that LEAP, Accelerating Success and Launching your Legacy.

    These pebbles are identified in a One-on-One Consultation with Antano & Harini before the uP! event. And You will be empowered during the 6 day uP! event, to remove the pebbles, once and for all. Done and Tested with no ambiguities!

    2. Installation of Superior Capabilities

    The ability to Think systemically, read and decipher the unsaid from regular communication with people, to be 2 steps ahead of everyone else (in mental preparation, alertness, awareness), Learn anything FAST, Connect to people at a deeper level and inspire them, disassociate from even challenging situations and think creatively and come up with out-of-the-box solution with SPEED in the body, in thought and deed, to be in High-Performance states on-demand, developing a Fine Intuition that learns...

    These are Capabilities. Not Techniques. Not To-dos. Not Best Practices. But Innate Capabilities. To Launch your Legacy, to get to your Next League, you NEED some of these capabilities. The NEEDED Capabilities are different for different people. The Impact of these Installations, show up in the days, weeks and months to come after the uP! Experience.

    After the a personalized set of Superior Capability Installations at the first uP! event for you, a good time to review one’s own life trajectory, is about 3-6 months after uP! and then come back to an uP! event again, for an upgraded set of installations. 

    3. Strategic Adjustments to Succeed on Auto-Pilot

    Personal development has to be strategic and aligned to the long term outcomes for the success to feel natural. Take for example, Equity. Some stocks appreciate at an average of 16% an year. And some do at over 100%. And some stocks may just crash. An investor has to carefully choose which investment will compound with time and there are exceptional traders who double their money every year!

    Some adjustments gives you an immediate advantage. Our Installations give you a strategic advantage that compounds with time. These adjustments are in addition to the Removing pebble adjustments & Capability adjustments. We Target and Fix specific limiting beliefs, patterns of thinking and Evolve you new thinking and engineer generalization much like how Cells multiply!

    At uP! we use the  ATC Model TM (Adjustments x Time = Consequences) to predict what areas you need to evolve today for compounding results over months. And we INSTALL these adjustments during the 6 Days so that the burden of implementation is not on you after the 6 days. This is not only revolutionary but it's also the natural way in which we learn things. The things we do and enjoy in life happens with ease and naturally and that is what new behaviours and habits feel like with Installations.

    The uP! Experience

    “This is the best investment in myself ever."

    "This is the best investment in myself ever. uP! has helped me in personal transformation and in achieving my goals, especially in business. Thank you Harini & Antano."
    Blossom Kochhar
    Pioneer of Aromatherapy & Founder, Aroma Magic

    “He is a master in picking up the problems that needs a fix..."

    “Antano has this unique mix of Engineering background along with Neuro Linguistic Programming which makes a potent combination that helps him with his ‘mind engineering’ efforts.

    I have personally benefited from the training and interactions with Antano as he is a master in picking up the problems that needs a fix and he helps you to overcome it with ease.” 

    Sreejith Sivanandan
    Senior Director, AOL

    This was happened absolutely because of you"

    "The result: My sales last month reached up to 1,000,000 yen. Earlier, my average sales was only 500,000 yen in 6 months. I did not expected it as I had some negative beliefs before I met you, it used to feel like a big heavy stone"
    Miho Nishino
    Life Coach

    What Next...

    “Antano and Harini are afflicted with a demanding syndrome – they carry an insatiable thirst for Human Excellence. They insist on converting any piece of work they are involved in into demonstration of excellence … No one apparently escapes the consequences of their affliction. Antano and Harini have made the decision to take responsibility for each and every person they accept as a client, either individually or as a group.”  
    John Grinder, 
    co-creator of NLP, author of over 14 books and one of the greatest thinkers of our lifetime.

    Your Legacy Accelerates with Antano & Harini

    We give you immediate breakthroughs and most of our customers achieve within 2 years, life goals and personal excellence that would have taken 10 years or more by themselves.