Can you Believe at one time, we had to KILL innocent Whales to get oil because… 

Oil was so important! And there was no other way…. It used to be called ‘Whaling’. But what happened after that is phenomenal!  

In this video, Antano talks about what the Equivalent of Whaling today that is relevant to you… and what the Next-generation invention is – that makes Whaling redundant and archaic because we have something a lot more powerful, efficient and expanding right now: 

Do you know people who still hold on an old belief, old method of doing something just because it worked at some point? 

Even the phone that you hold in your hand, Forces you to do an UPGRADE after a point in time… Applications ask you to Upgrade to the latest version often to continue using the app for your best experience…  

Upgrading, Enhancing, Enriching your ideas, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, maps, and Capabilities helps you have a Richer and more Fulfilling Life Experience.  

If you could Upgrade ANY Area of your Life, which one would you Upgrade?  
Let us know by filling this form below! And then, we can also send you a personalized list of resources specific to those areas, so you can start to think, feel, and be more easily able to make the changes you want to make in your life. We’ll drop in ideas and strategies, of the direction of thinking that will help you arrive at fulfilling life outcomes in compressed time! Fill in your Life areas Upgrade Wishlist below

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Joshua Samuel

Core Team Member, Antano & Harini

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