A 2 day High Impact Excellence Installation Program

​ to Evolve your Inner Core and Close the Deal, like a Pro!

Close the Deal Like a Pro!

What's Included:

1. Consultation and ATC Report One-on-One  [Worth Rs. 25,000/-]

2. Change work & Installation One-on-One  [Worth Rs. 25,000/-]

3. Two Full Days of Excellence Installation with Antano & Harini  [Worth: Rs. 2 Lakhs]

4. Review and ATC Report One-on-One [Worth Rs. 25,000/-]

5.  Change work & Installation One-on-On [Worth Rs. 25,000/-]

One-on-One Consultation Dates:

Mumbai 25th Feb - 2nd Mar
15th, 16th, 17th Feb (17th - FULLY BOOKED)
Outside Mumbai, Delhi 
10th March(Mumbai)

Event Date & Venue:

11th & 12th March 2019 at

St. Andrews Auditorium, Mumbai

Seating Options:
Diamond, Premier Platinum - Sold out
Platinum - 73% Sold out (Now Open)
Gold, Silver - 
Opens after Platinum is sold out

Pricing is the same for all seating options. Seating category is strictly based on early booking. The premier categories have the best viewing experience.


Original Price:  Rs. 38,000 + 18% GST 
Pre-release Price: Rs. 19,000 + 18% GST -EXPIRED on 6th Jan'19
Early Taker Price: Rs. 22,000 + 18% GST EXPIRED on 12th Jan' 19
Early Taker Price V2: Rs. 22,500 + 18% GST EXPIRED on 20th Jan' 19
Early Taker Price V3: Rs. 23,000 + 18% GST EXPIRED on 31st Jan' 19