Master a Rare form of coaching that only the TOP 0.1% coaches have. Learn from Genius-makers Antano & Harini themselves!!!!

I am going to show you how to Master the rare, Core Coaching Skills that only the top 0.1% coaches in the world have. Also I am going to show you how learning those rare skills can help you evolve excellence in your own life, career and family!

Have you had the experience of communicating to a team member about an incredible idea that has the potential to transform the business but you felt like you were speaking to a wall? You simply couldn't make them understand...Or worst, they understood the idea, were really excited about it, committed to implement it but didn't execute it at all?

Have you had times when you wanted your child to take an important decision or action that would dramatically improve the child's career or relationships, but simply couldn't get him/her to willingly act on it? 

It probably costed you emotionally and financially and you probably felt frustrated or helpless because no matter how much you tried to communicate the idea, it felt like you are unable to get through to them and get them to take action! 

The truth is...

The truth is - Your Performance and how Fast you Grow in your Life is not only determined by how motivated, skilled, passionate and driven you are - but by the performance of people around you!

Consider this: You have an extremely promising career ahead of you and opportunity to grow fast if you focus fully but you find that your child or spouse or family member needs extra attention because they are not doing well enough. Or something about your relationship with them isn't as amazing as it potentially can be. What's the impact? It affects your work. 

If you are in a position of Leadership, your success depends on how well your Team is performing. Period. 

The Paradigm Shift...

So here is the paradigm shift in human communication, that I am proposing:

Telling people, reasoning with them and asking them to do what they should be doing, doesn't help most times. Counselling, advice, coaching – works – superficially and temporarily. Because all of this works at a conscious, logical level – and produces no real shift from the inside. It doesn't address The Real problem which is causing the whole series of challenges in the first place.

You've seen how Parents today are struggling to raise their child effectively, given the pressures of time and career. The old style of parenting doesn't work anymore.

So How to Enhance the Quality of Performance and Relationship with Family members in your immediate circle that impact you, Your Team members, partners, experts, and those senior to you as well?

Conversational Programming Excellence is Key!

What if you can ask ONE question that will produce such instant unconscious shift that it changes the performance, behaviour and attitude of the people who matter to you, forever?

That is Conversational Programming

Mastering Conversational Programming is the Easiest way to Weave in Influence most credibly. It's a Skill of Advanced Human Communication. One that will Change your Life.

In Conversational Programming Excellence Program with Antano, you learn a very evolved style of Communication where the person you are interacting with feels like doing what you ask them to do, yet they won't feel like they're doing it because you asked them to.

In Conversational Programming Excellence with Antano, you will:

1) Learn how to Change people's years-old behaviours, attitudes and convictions with the technology of Unconscious Frame Shifts - the technology that allows you to change others' limiting behaviours by shifting invisible beliefs or 'Presuppositions'... and do that Conversationally, in a matter of minutes!

2) Arrive at the Real chunk of the challenge a Client, friend, family member or team member that is limiting his performance and that is not yet in his conscious awareness. 

3) Work on the Real problem (Most times, what the client or team member thinks will get them where they want to, or what they think the challenge is, may not be the real challenge) using UnConscious cues, Analogue marks and subtle unconscious communication that most people would miss out on. 

4) Learn & Practice the Core skills of Successful Coaching and Influence that only the TOP coaches or consultants have. 

5) Learn how to Multiply your Sales & Closing Ratio by Mastering how to Read UnConscious signals and address objections even before they arise, thereby transforming the fundamental way you communicate, negotiate, close deals and sell your expertise!

6) Master the most advanced form of influence & communication that will help you lead teams, mentor people and resolve conflicts in the fastest and the most effective way you have ever seen.

Vivek Ghokhale, 

Head - Product Management and Training, Häfele India Pvt. Ltd.

"After modelling conversational programming from Antano & Harini, I successfully changed the mindset of many of my team members. One such example is helping fresh recruits feel part of the organisation."

Antano & Harini help Parents bring the best out of their children, as well as iron out relationship challenges in a way that they can now Get what they want, smoothly. This requires very specific Excellence Installations for mindset changes, belief changes as well as Capability Installations for getting profoundly different results in their communication and responses they elicit from their children.

Rajesh Abhichandani, 

Founder, Coach4Soch

“Antano & Harini opened my eyes to some very fine fundamentals of human communication that everyone must know. I have been talking to my son, and I thought I communicated what I want, but after uP!, I discovered the gap was in my style of communication. I started listening, understanding and speaking to him in a way that makes him understand my intentions and he started responding so much better. And this spread into my office as well. I have a different way of communication with different people in my team, I just know what will click with whom."

This is the single greatest skill that the TOP coaches have...

Great coaching is not project planning... it is not about giving the client a temporary feel-good factor. 

Instead, the value of proper coaching comes from identifying what the client is doing that he or she is not aware of and then creating the choice of new behaviors in those situations.

Real coaching is about precision!  It is profound wisdom and mastery in identifying precisely what is missing in the client's beliefs, behaviours and emotions...

It is about helping them experience those beliefs, behaviours and emotions on-demand, by making those changes as innate to them as breathing or walking. 

And that is what Conversational Programming Mastery package is really about!

In a nutshell, this is what your Conversational Programming Mastery package includes...

I call this entire offer package, Conversational Programming Mastery because it is the fastest way Antano & Harini can help you master Conversational Programming. It will make you the most powerful influencer in your field, a person around whom family members, colleagues, team members, friends, customers, coachees and even people senior to you, just grow blissfully!

In a nutshell, here is what Conversational Programming Mastery Package includes and here is what your journey will be like:

1) It starts with a one-on-one consultation, where Antano & Harini identify what needs to change for you, for you to multiply your success. These targeted changes will not only help you evolve every area of your ilfe but will also transform the way you interact with and shift mindsets of people around you!

2) Then you immerse yourself during the 6 Days at the uP! event where Antano & Harini perform specific, personalized and targeted Excellence Installations for you and you learn the basics of Conversational programming.

3) After these 6 days, you will experience several changes in your relationships, effectiveness and ability to articulate and communicate even with difficult people or tough customers or those almost-impossible team-members and your own family members.

4) As you continue to experience profoundly different results, within 3-6 months, you Re-visit the uP! event(called uP! Advanced), after the field experience you have living your life post Excellence Installations. When you revisit, Antano & Harini perform further installations relevant to that point, you develop conscious awareness of your new skills as well as deepen your conversational programming skills.

5) Then you go through the epic Conversational Programming Excellence event during these 6 days (plus 2 days after that), where you learn a very evolved style of Communication where the person you are interacting with feels like doing what you ask them to do, yet they won't feel like they're doing it because you asked them to. 

All along, the Conversational Programming Excellence you develop will Truly transform your Parenting and your effectiveness as a Leader at work. It will change the fundamental way in which you understand human beings and make you a negotiator par excellence because you will be able to understand people better than they understand themselves; you will be able to answer objections even before they come up; you will be able to nurture talents and evolve people around you faster than anyone else in your industry! Your business will multiply, the Love in your family will multiply, the joy with which you live life will multiply!

Here is how people have transformed their careers, businesses and families after mastering Conversational Programming...

Nanda Kishore, 


"As soon as I came back from the Program my sales skills and my business skills shot up by 300%. Not only that, I was able to do all of this without any stress."



"Harini and Antano take you through the complete transformation where the changes sustain and get better and better with time. uP! promise is not a training program, it is an eye opener for many personal and professional developments one must experience. Almost all of our Senior Management and Sales professionals have gone through interventions by Antano & Harini. There has been a significant increase in revenue contributed by these individuals even during testing times."

Padma Gupta, 


“I must say I’ve been experiencing magic ever after Antano & Harini’s Excellence Installations, I just seem to be able to orchestrate and get done what’s on my mind so easily through people. I’m amazed by how much and how quickly one can transform here!”



“I can only call it Magic. After the experience with Antano & Harini, I am so much more energized. There is a glow in my face. There is a remarkable shift in the way I talk and the best part is, MORE people, including my seniors now, connect well with me”.

Deepika Chalasani,

CEO, Fit4Life

“I used to think I was an introvert and my children behaved tlike introverts too, in school. At uP! I discovered my own beliefs weren’t true and that I had built such a limiting belief based on few experiences. With Antano & Harini’s Excellence Installations, I developed a new belief. And very soon, I started interacting with people and surprisingly my children followed my footsteps too!

Aruna Das, 


“I used to think of people’s opinion as feedback. It is an eye opener to really learn what feedback is. And continuous feedback is the next league. My intuitions have become so strong now, that I can almost predict the outcomes before they really happen."

Rajeesh Raghunath, 


“I have experienced immense personal changes after my experience with Antano & Harini (Megha, as I know her). New opportunities now find me easily! I believe something about my personality, approach, how I deal with people has shifted. My ability to produce creative music on-demand has increased as well. I’m proud to say that I have also just completed my First Movie as a Music Director. From a composer for ad jingles all the way to this big milestone, has been an amazing journey. Thanks to Antano & Harini, for bringing out this part of me and helping me shine. I know this is just the beginning. I’m grateful for coming in contact with Antano & Harini at the right time in my life"

Here is what Industry Leaders are saying about Antano & Harini...

Blossom Kochhar, 


“Antano & Harini have helped me in personal transformation and in achieving my goals, especially in business

Nandana Wickramage, 


“Antano & Harini help you unleash your full potential and distinguish what works from what doesn’t work. I have also had my Top level team go through Antano & Harini’s sessions which have resulted in enhanced performance which has been sustaining over time.

Sudha Raghunathan, 


"Antano & Harini have always nailed the unexpected. I continue to benefit from the magic of their unexplainable work. They continue to fascinate me with their elegance & effectiveness"

Sreejith Sivanandan,


“Antano has this unique mix of Engineering background along with Neuro Linguistic Programming which makes a potent combination that helps him with his ‘mind engineering’ efforts. I have personally benefited from the training and interactions with Antano as he is a master in picking up the problems that need a fix and he helps you to overcome it with ease.

Anurag Batra, 


“My faith in Excellence Installation, NLP and Transformation came alive after Antano’s immersive sessions and his coaching. It has been a meditative experience and creates confidence that you can conquer the world and achieve your deepest desires and dreams and you feel you are equipped as Antano has provided the tool kit for Excellence.