Close The Deal Like a Pro!

High-Impact, Strategic Personal Evolution Program to equip you with Superior Capabilities and Artistry in Closing The Deals of your Life...

John Grinder

Co-creator of NLP & New Code NLP

Antano & Harini are distinct in many ways, they are unabashed to demonstrate their passion for excellence. Fortunately, this passion is founded on extensive field experience and a wide range of applications.



What You’ll Get in this Close The Deal Like a Pro!

1. Get introduced to the Art of Framing and discover the same kind of linguistic tools that World Leaders and Legends leverage in winning the hearts of millions.

2. This is an Installation program that will broaden your map to notice deals and opportunities that are around you but are invisible to you at the moment.

3. The installations will enable you to save time and energy and pursue the most important opportunities and let go of the time wasting methods, opportunities and people.

4. Discover hidden speed breakers and invisible chains and limitations that you don’t know are limiting you and overcome decade long habits and barriers within minutes forever.

5. Captivate and Persuade people in your sphere of influence including family in a way they love you for leading them into better decisions and in the process strengthen the relationship.

6. Create high value perception of what you have to offer, instantly in a way, right at the beginning, the other person takes the ownership to close the deal with you.

7. The Powerful Personal Transformations you experience during the one-on-one diagnostics and with specialised procedures will enable you to be bold, authentic and charismatic in a way that people naturally trust you more and see you as an authority in your area of expertise.

What do you accomplish with Close the Deal Like a Pro!

Develop a New Vibe and Unconscious Patterns for Effective Closing

A Two-Day Excellence Installation programme with Antano and Harini, the Creators of Excellence Installation Technology and the Legacy Accelerators, providing you with the following Key Insights:

1. Close the Deal Techniques

2. Experience Business Intelligence Installations

3. Articulate the Art of Framing

4. Overcome Hesitation and Develop Intrinsic Confidence

5. Develop the State Choice for Peak Performance

6. Understand Rapport Building Techniques

7. Learn the Psychology of Unconscious Influence

8. Learn the Techniques to Evoke Emotions

9. Enhance your Persuasion and Influencing Skills

10. Create Ownership in the other person towards your Point of View, Products or Services

11. Experience Personal Evolution Techniques

12. Strategic Thinking Enhancement 

13. Leadership Traits Development

And many more... Just come and explore many more dimensions of this programme and surprise yourself with the life trajectory which you design for yourself ahead…

What People Are Saying About Close The Deal Like a Pro!

Blossom Kocchar

Pioneer of Aromatherapy and Founder of Aroma Magic

Close the Deal with Antano has really helped me increase my sales and income. Post CTD I feel at ease and confident while closing deals. This is a new feel in me altogether! It’s allowing me to confidently close deals over phone calls and most importantly I am able to know how to put across the payment related matters. Being able to close deals over phone calls and communicate the charges myself is saving a lot of my time. In a word, I am empowered. CTD is too good that I am willing to spread it to the world. Thanks to Antano and Harini for Excellence Installations. I am totally empowered.


Director, Cir-Q-Tec

Immediately after I first met Antano & Harini, I doubled my business revenue and tripled my sales. And I did that by working precisely half-the-time with zero-stress and multiple-fold productivity. In terms of personal relationships, a lot of relationships which I thought were beyond repair, I managed to fix them within a few minutes. I am just looking forward to where all these go next. I am excited about the whole journey!

Deepak Bajaj

Founder, Multipliers & Network Marketing Coach

After Antano & Harini’s interventions, the changes that we made in the past 1 year in the systems & processes of the organisation is more than what we did in the past 6 years! For the first time, we realised that we were doing certain things like a status quo and we never questioned them. But when we started questioning them, we realised that we weren’t ready to deliver the numbers and volumes we wanted to deliver. So we made very significant changes in the set of mechanisms and systems that will enable our organisation to go to a different scale altogether. And these systems can be upscaled & upgraded without any major interventions and will give us 10x growth.

High-impact Excellence Installation program to Evolve your Inner Core and Close the Deal, like a Pro!

Why you Need to Close Deals like a Pro?

1. The Right Unconscious Mindset Shift that you can create in the other person is the only way to convert any Lose-Lose situation into a Win-Win situation in Business, Love, Family and Career.

2. Getting the Right people in your Team is more than a financial deal, every inventor needs to bring in great talent with their charisma

3. Closing the Right Partnership is the easiest way to expand Market Reach and increase the Profitability of any business.

Date and Venue:
11th & 12th June 2021

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Here’s what Industry Leaders are saying about Antano & Harini...

Nandana Wickramage
Group Director, Ceylon Biscuits

Antano & Harini help you unleash your full potential and distinguish what works from what doesn’t work. I have also had my Top level team go through Antano & Harini’s sessions which have resulted in enhanced performance which has been sustaining over time

A R Rahman
Academy Award Winning Composer

Thank you, your work shows.

Sudha Raghunathan

Padma Bhushan Carnatic Vocalist

Antano & Harini have always precisely nailed the unexpected. I continue to benefit from the magic of their unexplainable work. Their intuition to know what is really going on is what actually makes the difference. They continue to fascinate me with their Elegance & Effectiveness.

Who Should Attend Close the Deal Like a Pro and Why?

  • If you are an Entrepreneur wanting to take your enterprise to the next level and have investors on board
  • If you are a Solopreneur wanting to make transition to an Entrepreneur
  • If you are a Working Professional (any profile) wanting to be an Entrepreneur
  • If you are an Employer wanting to make the Right Hire
  • If you are an Employee wanting to grow fast in your career and get the recognition you deserve
  • If you are a Leader wanting to build and empower the team
  • If you are a Homemaker wanting to start afresh with a new job/career
  • If you are a parent wanting to be a Role Model for your kids
  • If you are a Student wanting to take the most significant decisions early in life and achieve success in a time compressed manner
  • If you are an Individual wanting to have the accurate 'Impact Valuation of Self'
  • If you are an Individual wanting to get over some Critical Personal Limitations and accelerate your success
  • If you are an Individual wanting to have meaningful and nurtured relationships with deeper connect
  • If you are an Individual wanting to have Financial Freedom in your life
  • If you are an Individual wanting to impact the lives of the people
  • If you are an Individual wanting to create your own legacy

Why People come to CTD and What can you Expect?

  • 95% of people experienced in Real-time how easy it is to pick up the phone and Close the Deal like a pro - Live experiential event.
  • The guilt of one bad decision, just one investment gone wrong, kept Abhinav from even pursuing other deals, until CTD freed him up from the guilt, equipping him with the required capabilities and mindsets to discover the right deals & an innate drive to seize them!
  • Prashant was convinced that there were no major problems that needed 'fixing!' As a Director of a Million Dollar Company, it is easier to feel invincible. However, an intense CTD Diagnosis unearthed issues that he hadn't earlier perceived to be problems, getting to the nerve of certain deep-rooted patterns! Resolving the same through CTD Installations brought the best out of himself in terms of his relationships and business. The same allowed him to completely transform customer interactions and enhanced the very core of family bonding, creating the pavement for a blissful life!

  • Given his hesitation and inability to ask for money, Satish’s funds worth lakhs were stuck with his vendors. Following a very precise and targeted CTD Installation and Implementation session, Satish began to feel a newfound sense of confidence. At the end of the 2-Days event, Satish had mastered state choice and recovered 30% of the money stuck for years, in just a single day. Furthermore, it ushered Satish on a new, more empowered trajectory, we could speak his heart to people who mattered the most to him, cut down on losses and immerse in so much of love and joy around him.
  • Overcoming deep-rooted beliefs at CTD, equipped Shehnaz to emerge as a frontrunner in family business,

    by driving high-end revenues and completely transforming the organization's culture 

  • Ramesh found innate drive at CTD, breaking the mindset of being stuck in a monotonous rut, to close-in double promotions and 3X salary hike  

About Antano & Harini

Antano Solar John & Harini Ramachandran are  creators of Excellence Installations Technology (EIT), the technology that identifies and develops Core Capabilities one needs to Launch a legacy and achieve in 3 years what would otherwise take one 20 years. 

They have worked with legends like A.R. Rahman, super senior Athletes who have made our country proud, Billion Dollar Business Owners, Investors, Actors, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, TOP Executives from fortune 500 and people from various other industries.

They are endorsed for excellence in their experience and understanding of human excellence by the co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Dr. John Grinder. They have been interviewed by Forbes, BBC London, NDTV, and several other channels in India as well as in Washington D.C.. 

Antano & Harini are recipients of the Award of Honour by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.

Time Compression Stories


From Missing Happiness to Reviving Innate Happiness 


Manager to Director level in 6 months


Creating a disruptive impact in Textile Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by closing the deals of your life?

It begins from identifying and being aware of the most significant deals of your life, which needs closing. A few examples could be:

1. To get that dream job

2. To negotiate for a promotion, hike in Salary or a top position with your existing employer

3. To find the life partner for you, who is an absolute fit for you

4. To identify and fill the gaps in your relationship with people in your ecosystem, who matter to you (example: your relationship with your children)

5. To get the investors on board for your business

6. To do the right investments

7. To close the extraordinary deals at right value

8. To get more sales for your business or for the organization you are working for

9. To build business relationship

10. To hire the right talent

11. To build your team

Am I going to close more deals and have more sales post ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ program?

Sales is a Process. When Deals don’t close, it most times means that the Beginning was wrong, this programme will equip you with the wisdom to Choose and Close the extraordinary Deals for the right value.

Can I bring-in my Kid or family member for the programme? Or, Can I come along with family for the program?

Certainly Yes. You can come along with family for the programme by registering each one of you. And in regard to your kid, if he or she is 12 years or more than 12 years old, they can be part of this programme.

How would ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ help in my Personal Evolution?

Certainly Yes. This programme is about your personal evolution in the various roles you play in your life, be it that of a Working Professional, Homemaker, A Parent, A Son/ Daughter, A Teacher, A Student and much more. What is that most significant deal of your life which you want to close and with whom? How to do this with utmost artistry and excellence? How to be persuasive in your approach? What is the value proposition of yours? What is the value that you bring to the lives of your customers or people in your ecosystem? How impactful is your ‘Presence’? How to be more creative, spontaneous and charismatic? These are just a few of the many questions, which this programme caters to, there is much more in this programme. With the cutting edge technology of Excellence Installation, you can apply the whole experience of CTD in various domains of your life and enhance the quality of your life and relationships.

I am not a Sales Professional. Is this ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ program meant for me?

It can help you to do strategic adjustments and evolve as an Individual and as a Professional and make you a pro in Closing the Deal in many ways, a few are as mentioned below:

  • Developing the right mindset / attitude
  • Understanding the Personal Limitations
  • Having Critical Personal Transformations
  • Evolving your Creativity, Spontaneity and Charisma
  • Developing the right Art of Framing
  • Closing extraordinary deals (right deals for the right value)
  • And much much more…

I am a Homemaker. Is this ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ program meant for me?

Certainly Yes. This is a High-Impact Personal Evolution Programme. It helps you to identify the most significant deal (s) of your life which you want to close, overcoming Emotional barriers to close the same, experience the most Critical Personal Transformation which helps you to add a new layer of excellence to your personality.

Will I get a Bulk-Booking discount for CTD Event?

There are no bulk-registration discounts. If you want to save cost via discounts, your best choice is to get the Early Bird offer. 1800-3000-2909

I am a Student. Will this ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ program help me?

Certainly Yes, many students in the past have benefitted out of this program. This helps them to develop an edge by opening their world to a whole lot of possibilities, alternatives with the support of A&H ecosystem. Children and young adults can come out with an enhanced and more realistic value proposition of their personal worth. The earlier you become an artist in closing the right deals, so much more ahead you get in life at an early age. If you are a student of 12 years and above, come and experience this programme.

I am an Entrepreneur (or want-to-be an entrepreneur). Is this ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ program meant for me?

Certainly Yes. The programme will equip you with the wisdom to be in the Right Business, understanding the visible and invisible speed breakers in the path of success, choosing right people to work with, closing extraordinary deals with customers at accelerated speed, partners, stakeholders. In a way, the programme helps you with Personal Evolution Strategies to not only stay at the top of your game today but also to continuously prepare and be ready for the future.

I am a Retired Professional. Is this ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ program meant for me?

Certainly Yes. With all the rich life experiences and the freedom of time post-retirement, you can choose to do something very close to your heart, find a new purpose in your life, figure out ways to create a new legacy of yours in an accelerated manner, stay relevant, feel worthy and create an impact in the lives of people in your ecosystem.

Is this ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ a Sales Training program?

Yes and No. Because, Sales is just one context, where you can apply the learnings and experience of this programme. Otherwise, this programme is polycontextual, which will help you to enhance the quality of your life, relationships in different domains of your life.

I have gone through the page, yet I would like to talk to someone. Is that possible?

Of course! Feel free to reach us at: 1800-3000-2909

Why do Business Heads come for CTD? and why do they bring their team along with them for CTD?

When business heads come to CTD, we help them develop the necessary lens to identify the sparks of brilliance amongst the team members. Because the cost of having not aligned and inactive team member in their company is way more than letting them go. 

When they come with their team members to CTD, it allow team members to be fully aligned with the greater vision and business objective, it further accelerates them on a trajectory where they are able to identify the most significant deals and close them like a pro. They go through significant enhancements in their personal charisma, influence and persuasion skills to emerge as intra-preneurs for the organisation , taking complete ownership of business critical projects, in a way that complete harmony in their relationships.

Can I avail one-on-one CTD Diagnosis & Implementation? 

Yes, you may avail the one-on-one CTD Diagnosis & Implementation with an Excellence Installation Specialist. We’d like you to register for the same in advance; for further assistance, please connect with the consultant on 1800-3000-2909.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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