Close The Deal Like a Pro...

A High-Impact and Strategic Personal Evolution Program which equips you with the Artistry and Superior Capabilities in closing the most significant deal(s) of your life

People are Born Buyers: Then Why is it sometimes so hard to Close Important Deals!

We like to close deals that we feel are good for us. Be it finding a "Life-Partner", "Hiring Talent" or even "Buying Stuff".  And Why wouldn't we? Without someone having to push us, most of the times, we naturally go after what we really want. 

Then why is it that even when there is a Win-Win opportunity, so many people struggle to Close Deals, to find love and to build business relationships?

The reason people struggle to close is simple! They are coming in their own way of closing, because of unconscious patterns and social conditioning. This coming in the way happens so unconsciously that most people will kill the deal that must have already closed and then work extra hard to make it work

By the way: If you have ever seen children go to sleep. Some children just sleep so easily. And other children have so much difficulty. Science says, children are born sleepers, they have a natural clock, it's the parents who get in the way because they don't have the sensory acuity to notice the natural sleep triggers of a child.

Doing Right Actions at the Right Time, to make the Right "Unconscious-Impact".

It is not so much about what you say, as much as it is about what you do. The rate and speed at which you blink, the way you smile, how long you smile, the micro expressions on your face, do your eyes move up to the left or move up to the right when you think, these are only few of the 380 cues that people unconsciously observe and make judgement about you and what you say, in less than 10th of a second.

Keep in mind: you cannot change these signals by learning some tricks to give a different vibe. Because it's just not possible to micro-manage 380 micro expressions, in every minute if your conversation with others.

If you can add another layer of excellence to your vibe, everything you desire from people, that is a win-win will happen easily and naturally, be it in finding love, repairing existing relationships, closing that million-dollar deal, getting that strategic partnership or (even finding the right position in your job). 

Some people don't see opportunities because Closing Deals is a Creative Process

A lot of people think that painting and music is creativity, but creativity is not painting or music. Creativity is what you do in music and painting and in business, when constraints are put on you. Creativity is a basic ingredient for entrepreneurship as well as fulfilled living.

The distinctive, rare Inner Core for Great Deals:
Be Natural. Be Spontaneous. Be Creative!

Only if that was so easy :) People often chase techniques or tricks that will help them get better results. But But what is required is deep, inner core transformations to make you equipped and enabled to seize the most significant deals.

Some people are natural, some people are spontaneous and some people are creative. But what is required to find and close great deals is a personality that is a RARE combination of all three. I remember helping a child make a different decision about her life as tears flowed through her eyes. When I think back on that experience, I am grateful I was trustable, creative and spontaneous at the same time.

Not knowing what is not working is the most commonly made mistake - not only in business deals but also in personal relationships, people don't realize that they are losing out unless it's too late and evident. 

The better sensory acuity you have to see, hear and feel the ongoing unconscious response of the other person, the more freedom you will develop to be spontaneous and experiment with your own behaviour and language. The more such choices you create, the more natural you become and the more natural you become, the more mind space you will free to focus on the deeper aspects of the person you are dealing with.

The 3 Core Capabilities you got to Develop

Every legend has this. Every Inventor whose work has been appreciated has this. Because closing important deals is what converts invention into a revolution. A discovery into an impactful and profitable business. If Google did not close that unlikely deal with an Indian investor 15 years ago, where would the world be...

1. Be Natural.
 Become the person for whom things happen naturally and easily. Are you a natural or trying to be natural?

2. Be Spontaneous.
Saying the right thing at the right time is worth more than a million attempts later. 

3. Be Creative!
90% of situations that look like a lose-lose has the potential to turn into a win-win.  Do you see it?

Do Everyone a Favour (including Yourself)

  • It's Your Responsibility to Convince. 
    If you know of a great solution or have a wonderful idea that is useful, it is your responsibility to convince, unless you want to be selfish and not care about the choices people make being uninformed.
  • Interrupt Old Patterns.
    People are always comparing with the old and the past; when you bring in something new, you have to interrupt that old pattern. So that the information you are providing is actually heard and received.
  • Influence the Conscious and the UnConscious Mind
    Why are there so many divorces? And a culture of buying and returning things?? Because what people want at the surface and what they want deep within are different things. You have to satisfy both. This will eliminate regrets in the long run. But how will you satisfy what you don't yet know about the other person or business!

Can My Skills that helped create several Medical Miracles, become useful in helping you evolve Your Core Nature, bio-chemically...

I was 25 when I got the request from young IIT graduate who had become paralyzed neck down after a car crash in America. His email narrates that doctors have said, there is no possibility for him to recover those movements. But this man had heard a story from his friend of how a young man in India was turning around impossible situations. 

Not only did I help this man get back movements and help him get his full time job and fly back to America: I personally evolved to do things I couldn't do before. With the personal mentoring of Dr. John Grinder, the co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Harini and I set forth to produces many such dramatic results with "Excellence Installation Technology". And one day when I was working with a passionate young genius, I realized the only thing she lacked was the way to close important deals and given our skills described above, it was a cakewalk to develop those capabilities for her. 

What if, extraordinary people closed Extraordinary Deals...

I have seen talented people go unnoticed and mediocre people closing all the good deals. The third kind is very rare, these are extraordinary people who close extraordinary deals, they are the people who excited me!

If all the Good People in the world got recognized for their capabilities and the good that they do, the world would be such a different place. We don't want sleazy sales people to be great at closing deals or that charismatic addicted neighbour down the street, but we want people who have a good heart and something valuable to offer to close great deals.

What People Are Saying About our Product

CTD is too good that I am willing to spread it to the world.

Close the Deal with Antano has really helped me increase my sales and income. Post CTD I feel at ease and confident while closing deals. This is a new feel in me altogether! It’s allowing me to confidently close deals over phone calls and most importantly I am able know how to put across the payment related matters. Being able to close deals over phone calls and communicate the charges myself is saving a lot of my time. In a word, I am empowered. CTD is too good that I am willing to spread it to the world. Thanks to Antano and Harini for Excellence Installations. I am totally empowered.

Blossom Kochhar
- Pioneer of Aromatherapy and Founder of Aroma Magic

"I doubled my business revenue and tripled my sales..."

"As soon as I came back from the Program, I doubled my business revenue and tripled my sales. Not only that, I was able to do all of this without any stress. In terms of personal relationships, a lot of relationships which I thought were beyond repair, I managed to fix them within a few minutes."

Nanda Kishore
- Director, Cir-Q-Tec

“... this will give us 10x growth..."

After Antano & Harini’s interventions, the changes that we made in the past 1 year in the systems & processes of the organisation is more than what we did in the past 6 years! For the first time, we realised that we were doing certain things like a status quo and we never questioned them. But when we started questioning them, we realised that we weren’t ready to deliver the numbers and volumes we wanted to deliver. So we made very significant changes in the set of mechanisms and systems that will enable our organisation to go to a different scale altogether. And these systems can be upscaled & upgraded without any major interventions and will give us 10x growth.

Deepak Bajaj
- Founder, Multipliers & Network Marketing Coach

High-impact Excellence Installation program to Evolve your Inner Core and Close the Deal, like a Pro!

Why you Need to Close Deals like a Pro?

1. The Right Unconscious Mindset Shift that you can create in the other person is the only way to convert any Lose-Lose situation into a Win-Win situation in Business, Love, Family and Career.

2. Getting the Right people in your Team is more than a financial deal, every inventor needs to bring in great talent with their charisma

3. Closing the Right Partnership is the easiest way to expand Market Reach and increase the Profitability of any business.

Date and Venue:
11th & 12th June 2021

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


This is what People say...

“My Communication has become very TARGETED"

Antano & Harini help Parents bring the best out of their children, as well as iron out relationship challenges in a way that they can now Get what they want, smoothly. This requires very specific Excellence Installations for mindset changes, belief changes as well as Capability Installations for getting profoundly different results. “Antano & Harini opened my eyes to some very fine fundamentals of human communication that everyone must know. I have been talking to my son, and I thought I communicated what I want, but after the program I discovered the gap was in my style of communication. I started listening, understanding and speaking to him in a way that makes him understand my intentions and he started responding so much better. And this spread into my office as well. I have a different way of communication with different people in my team, I just know what will click with whom”

Rajesh Abhichandani
- Founder Coach4Soch

“My Intuition is getting better Everyday..."

“I just can’t believe that I know so much. Ever since the experience with Antano & Harini, I am able to predict so much better what is going to work and what wouldn’t. And the best part my intuition about the decisions I make is getting better every day

neelima Chakra
- Assistant Director, Ernst & Young

About Antano & Harini

Antano and Harini are the creators of the Excellence Installation Technology who have changed the lives of thousands of people across the world, including the ones who were told that there was no hope.

Their unique ability to find the missing piece in each person, and their ability to ‘install’ new behaviours in their unconscious patterning while creating super-capabilities necessary for that individual, has made them the go-to people for legends like A.R. Rahman, National Athletes, Billion Dollar Business Owners, Actors, Doctors, Lawyers, TOP Executives from the Fortune 500 and more.

Their passion is in helping driven individuals Launch Their Legacy in compressed-time. Together, they bring the power of the Excellence Installation technology to turn around impossible situations in health to personal development for business growth!

What if you don't have the Money?

Ajay came to Antano & Harini, with a business that was making 120 Crores and within a year he grew his business to 240 Crores. While this is an easy investment for Entrepreneurs of that league, what gets a person like Rajesh, who lost his job, to come to Antano & Harini, is his sheer motivation from within to evolve and make a name for himself. 

99% of our customers don't have this problem but for the 1% who do, we suggest them to take a loan. Simply because this is the BEST investment in their life that will keep giving returns on returns. You, and your ability to connect, influence and make deals work is priceless. And there is no other event like this in the world. If you don't have money, then that is THE reason for you to COMMIT to this program immediately. 

What if, you don't believe you can change in 2 Days?

I agree with you people can't change their core even if they try very hard, unless...  (Watch this Video)

What if, you think it's someone else's job to Influence?

What about getting that someone else on board? What about your Family? Parents or Children? Your friends? Team and colleagues? Other significant people in your ecosystem and beyond, who if you could influence, would change the quality of your life: interpersonal relationships and finances? 

Learning to Influence Effectively is not just about closing business deals. And if you are a startup that is innovating something new, you better be the one Closing the Deal, even Steve Jobs got on the Stage to Promote iPhone. And Bill Gates flew all across the country to make a deal with IBM. What stops you?

The REAL COST of not developing closing skills

Here is a comparison between people who are natural, spontaneous and creative in closing important deals and those who are yet to master this art.

Pro with Ease

  • Have people in their life who make things work.
  • People who bond well, understand and respect your point of view.
  • Evolves the people around and holds them accountable to higher standards
  • Has time and energy for fun, love, family, business.
  • The Charisma begins to ooze in every conversation.

Not a Pro

  • Does everything by self or by micro managing.
  • Lack of respect and misunderstanding with people you care about.
  • Low expectations from people and gets adjusted to average response.
  • Has low energy, is constantly drained and tired by working 10 times harder.
  • Stops learning from day to day experience.

Close the "Deal like a Pro"

  • A Two-Day Excellence Installation programme with Antano and Harini, the Creators of Excellence Installation Technology and the Legacy Accelerators
  • Experience Business Intelligence Installations
  • Overcome Hesitation and Develop Intrinsic Confidence
  • Learn the Techniques to Evoke Emotions and articulate the Art of Framing
  • Master the psychology of influence and persuasion, and leadership traits

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by closing the deals of your life?

It begins from identifying and being aware of the most significant deals of your life, which needs closing. A few examples could be:

1. To get that dream job

2. To negotiate for a promotion, hike in Salary or a top position with your existing employer

3. To find the life partner for you, who is an absolute fit for you

4. To identify and fill the gaps in your relationship with people in your ecosystem, who matter to you (example: your relationship with your children)

5. To get the investors on board for your businessTo do the right investments

6. To close the extraordinary deals at right value

7. To get more sales for your business or for the organization you are working for

8. To build business relationshipTo hire the right talentTo build your team

Can I bring-in my Kid or family member for the programme? Or, Can I come along with family for the program?

Certainly Yes. You can come along with family for the programme by registering each one of you. And in regard to your kid, if he or she is 12 years or more than 12 years old, they can be part of this programme.

Am I going to close more deals and have more sales post ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ program?

Sales is a Process. When Deals don’t close, it most times means that the Beginning was wrong, this programme will equip you with the wisdom to Choose and Close the extraordinary Deals for the right value.

How would ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ help in my Personal Evolution?

Certainly Yes. This programme is about your personal evolution in the various roles you play in your life, be it that of a Working Professional, Homemaker, A Parent, A Son/ Daughter, A Teacher, A Student and much more. What is that most significant deal of your life which you want to close and with whom? How to do this with utmost artistry and excellence? How to be persuasive in your approach? What is the value proposition of yours? What is the value that you bring to the lives of your customers or people in your ecosystem? How impactful is your ‘Presence’? How to be more creative, spontaneous and charismatic? These are just a few of the many questions, which this programme caters to, there is much more in this programme. With the cutting edge technology of Excellence Installation, you can apply the whole experience of CTD in various domains of your life and enhance the quality of your life and relationships.

I am not a Sales Professional. Is this ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ program meant for me?

It can help you to do strategic adjustments and evolve as an Individual and as a Professional and make you a pro in Closing the Deal in many ways, a few are as mentioned below:

  • Developing the right mindset / attitude
  • Understanding the Personal Limitations
  • Having Critical Personal Transformations
  • Evolving your Creativity, Spontaneity and Charisma
  • Developing the right Art of Framing
  • Closing extraordinary deals (right deals for the right value)
  • And much much more…

I am a Homemaker. Is this ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ program meant for me?

Certainly Yes. This is a High-Impact Personal Evolution Programme. It helps you to identify the most significant deal (s) of your life which you want to close, overcoming Emotional barriers to close the same, experience the most Critical Personal Transformation which helps you to add a new layer of excellence to your personality.

Will I get a Bulk-Booking discount for CTD Event?

There are no bulk-registration discounts. If you want to save cost via discounts, your best choice is to get the Early Bird offer. 1800-3000-2909

I am a Student. Will this ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ program help me?

Certainly Yes, many students in the past have benefitted out of this program. This helps them to develop an edge by opening their world to a whole lot of possibilities, alternatives with the support of A&H ecosystem. Children and young adults can come out with an enhanced and more realistic value proposition of their personal worth. The earlier you become an artist in closing the right deals, so much more ahead you get in life at an early age. If you are a student of 12 years and above, come and experience this programme.

I am an Entrepreneur (or want-to-be an entrepreneur). Is this ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ program meant for me?

Certainly Yes. The programme will equip you with the wisdom to be in the Right Business, understanding the visible and invisible speed breakers in the path of success, choosing right people to work with, closing extraordinary deals with customers at accelerated speed, partners, stakeholders. In a way, the programme helps you with Personal Evolution Strategies to not only stay at the top of your game today but also to continuously prepare and be ready for the future.

I am a Retired Professional. Is this ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ program meant for me?

Certainly Yes. With all the rich life experiences and the freedom of time post-retirement, you can choose to do something very close to your heart, find a new purpose in your life, figure out ways to create a new legacy of yours in an accelerated manner, stay relevant, feel worthy and create an impact in the lives of people in your ecosystem.

Is this ‘Close the Deal like a Pro’ a Sales Training program?

Yes and No. Because, Sales is just one context, where you can apply the learnings and experience of this programme. Otherwise, this programme is polycontextual, which will help you to enhance the quality of your life, relationships in different domains of your life.

I have gone through the page, yet I would like to talk to someone. Is that possible?

Of course! Feel free to reach us at: 1800-3000-2909

Why do Business Heads come for CTD & Why do they bring their team along with them for CTD?

When business heads come to CTD, we help them develop the necessary lens to identify the sparks of brilliance amongst the team members. Because the cost of having not aligned and inactive team member in their company is way more than letting them go. 

When they come with their team members to CTD, it allow team members to be fully aligned with the greater vision and business objective, it further accelerates them on a trajectory where they are able to identify the most significant deals and close them like a pro. They go through significant enhancements in their personal charisma, influence and persuasion skills to emerge as intra-preneurs for the organisation , taking complete ownership of business critical projects, in a way that complete harmony in their relationships.

Can I avail one-on-one CTD Diagnosis & Implementation? 

Yes, you may avail the one-on-one CTD Diagnosis & Implementation with an Excellence Installation Specialist. We’d like you to register for the same in advance; for further assistance, please connect with the consultant on 1800-3000-2909.

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