A&H Business Acceleration Associate

Job Description:

Extremely driven people across geographical locations reach out to Antano & Harini everyday, to avail their Legacy Acceleration services. Converting such a request into a customer is the fundamental core job, along with building a community of these driven people to Launch their Legacy.

This job involves selling a high-ticket product. Converting enquiries into customers is the core job, and as you excel in this, you will be inducted further into various aspects of the business, eventually preparing you to be a disruptive entrepreneur within a year or two.

As a business we provide ground breaking technology in the space of personal transformation and we leverage this advantage to help people launch a legacy in 3 years instead of 20 or 30 years by strategically evolving excellence in various areas of their life.

Your functions would involve:

  1. Call Potential Customers who are enquiring and close the deal
  2. Growth Hacking
  3. Maintain Customer Relationships
  4.  Contribute to Strategic Developments to Fast Track Company's Growth

Who is this job perfect for?

This is job is only for extremely driven individuals, who want to do BIG things in their life. This is for people who recognize that their success in life, is directly proportional to their Personal Excellence and are willing to learn, learn, are extremely determined to excel and who love surpassing their own performance each time.

Core Values Match: Excellence, Self-Motivated, Wants to do something different and not a regular job, Inspired by Entrepreneurship, loves Start ups, Loves People and gets happiness in helping people and Changing their Lives

Journey of Growth for A&H Business Acceleration Associates:

The Career Progression in this particular job role makes you capable of Launching your own Business because you will have indepth exposure to all aspects of business. Your thinking will evolve to find a solution to a problem that hasn’t been solved well enough until now in the world and to successfully create a market and industry that didn’t exist before. Remember how GE introduced electricity, the way Xerox introduced photocopying, the way Microsoft introduced a PC in every home, the way Google introduced search to every user (and advertisement) and so on. The thinking and capability building of Every A&H Employee is oriented in this direction. The faster you learn, the better for you.

  1. Your role starting as a Business Acceleration Associate will prepare you to:
  2. Learn the Business, Financial and Psychological dynamics of the Industry you want to positively disrupt
  3. Equip you to be Data Driven to gather unique Intelligence
  4. Combine Tactical Gains for Strategic Advantage

About Antano & Harini

Antano & Harini are considered the World’s Finest in Neuro Linguistic Programming. People from ALL walks of life: Celebrities, Billionaires, Top Leaders, CXO’s, World Famous Athletes come to them to get their game to the next level. And most importantly people come to them to launch their legacy and create a disruptive business in a compressed time. 7 Years ago, Antano was 25 and a Chief Technology Officer and Harini was popularly known as Singer Megha in the film industry.

The Company is working towards hitting a Billion Dollars in revenue in the next 10 years. Heavy Research and Development and Investment in Next-Gen technology in the biowearable gadget space is ongoing which has a potential to create a revolution, just like the IT Revolution happened around the world, only a few decades ago. The business is also blessed with the Finest people as Consultants and on the Board, headed by Antano & Harini.

In your role in the company, you will be directly working with Antano & Harini and several talented and smart young people who are a different league of Personal Excellence and Achievements. You will be exposed to all aspects of the business from business models, financial planning, customer acquisition, strategic operations, technology enablement and product development.

Application Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Willing to Learn EVERYTHING that is required
  2. Committed to Personal Growth and Excellence
  3. Prepared to SUSTAIN in a most Challenging environment
  4. Thinks Big. And knows the difference between A Million Dollar and Billion Dollars.
  5. Believes in Hard Work

What Happens during the on-the-job:

For 1 Year:

  1. You get started with On the Job Training
  2. You will be exposed and trained on ALL areas of the business
  3. You will get free access to the PAID A&H Programs
  4. Mastery in Human Communication and Changework
  5. Mastery in Innovative Business Solutions
  6. Mastery in Technology Enablement for Business Acceleration
  7. You will get access to Exclusive A&H Programs
  8. You get a Handsome pay + Incentives
  9. International Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching and Disruptive Entrepreneurship
  10.  Mentoring from A&H and the A&H Team.


Basic + Incentives goes up to 1.5Lakhs per month, for the first year, and based on performance, increases year on year.

Consistent and Excellent Performers on meeting criteria and if deemed fit, may be invited into the Core Team by Antano & Harini personally after 2 years and offered a stake in the company.


Shortlisted Candidates need to come well-prepared for the interview. Resources for your research:

  1. http://www.antanoharini.com
  2. http://www.excellenceinstallation.com
  3. Youtube.com/SOExcellence
  4. Facebook.com/SOExcellence and Facebook.com/AntanoHarini
  5. Antano Solar Blog: http://www.antanosolar.com

How to Apply?

Fill in the Application Form below and Upload your CV as well.

Leave your Best Email, Phone Number and expect a call within 3 working days if your application is shortlisted.

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