Assessment for Participation in B!G Accelerator Events

Assessment for Participation in B!G Accelerator Events

BiG Accelerator events are not officially part of the B!G program. Antano & Harini deliver B!G Accelerator from time to time specifically to fast-track the B!G journey for certain eligible B!G participants. This is a value-add, and over and above the B!G program that otherwise happens during uP! Events or exclusive B!G Events. 

B!G Accelerator events are where Antano & Harini create a context for B!G participants to accelerate their EIT skills. 

B!G Accelerator events are delivery-focussed. Here, Antano & Harini provide you a context where you are delivering to an uP!, LYL or CTD participant while accelerating your B!G journey, developing superior capabilities and enhancing your own quality of life. 

Earlier, the accelerator events were only designed for selected B!G Participants who are more advanced in their journey.  However, in recent times we also invite new participants to come for the event, even though it is not entirely designed for them. So there may be times you may not understand, or fully grasp all of the layers as much as an advanced B!G participant will. So please go through the assessment below to discover if you are fully ready for accelerator events, and that you understand the scope of what happens in a B!G Accelerator event. 

If you find yourself to not be ready or eligible as yet for a B!G accelerator event, it means - that the most optimal thing for you to do next is get your next full cycle of evolution at the upcoming uP! Event - taking your capabilities to the next level. 

Please note: The eligibility for attending B!G Accelerator events are based on your mindset and readiness to learn, prepare and perform on-the-field and to just flow, based on the design of the program as designed by Antano & Harini.

The eligibility is not based on seniority. It cannot be purchased either. 

Please go through the following assessment to discover if you are fully ready for accelerator events:

2. There are several levels of readiness of delivery - there is Changework training, changework implementation (several levels here - basic to advanced to mastery), diagnostics training, diagnostics on-the-field performance, consultation training, consultation on-the-field-performance, mentoring etc.

What do you think are the Prerequisites for a participant to be Educable, and not come in the way of their own B!G Accelerator learning experience? What are some do’s and don’ts, best practices according to you that will help you be in the optimal frames, optimal states to make the most out of the B!G Accelerator event? What are some things that can come in the way of you being in optimum performance at the B!G Accelerator event?



Be in high performance states throughout

Perform activities given by any assigned mentor with utmost sincerity

Mirror in high performance 

Park aside all personal agenda and consultation related queries etc. - and be in a state where your unconscious can fully benefit from the world of new and superb things happening. There are so many layers of learning from so many angles, if you are in the right state and right frames 


Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t compare opportunities that others are getting versus you

Don’t question yourself - “Why am I not getting? Is this program for me? Will I be able to cope up? etc.

Don’t second-guess the design of the program 

Don’t get upset/hurt or let any possible misunderstanding ruin things for you and the other persons 

No unuseful internal dialogue or criticising