Become a Master Influencer, Negotiator and a Persuader! 

Why is it so important? 

One of the natural tendencies of all living beings, from animals to humans – is the ability to be influenced by their immediate environment as well as influence other elements of their very environment.

The ability to influence or be influenced is nothing short of a miracle, for it allows us to adapt to our environment and learn to be a part of the eco-system.

Take for example the case of a human baby raised by wolves? Who do you reckon the baby will learn to walk like? The baby- by the power of being influenced moves like a wolf, which is imperative for his survival in the jungle.

The very essence of our learning is packaged with influence. It is our ability to be influenced that is a critical component of our learning. But while it is amazing to possess the ability to be influenced – as long as it aids our personal growth, how and where do we stop those influences that threaten our security.

How can Antano & Harini help?

Influencing , Negotiating and persuading people is one of the best invaluable tool that Antano & Harini possess and anybody can model from them as they practice what they preach. They have increased their success into leaps and bounds with this single most powerful tool. 

People like you can learn how to become masters in this skill with A&H Mentoring! 

Benefits of Mastering Influence Skills, Negotiation Skills and becoming a world class Persuader : 

#1 : Getting things done faster with ease.
#2 : Reduce your stress and conflict.
#3 : Feel liked by all. 
#4 : Make win-win trades.
#5 : Uplift your Personal Development
#6 : Master skills employed by most successful leaders.
#7 : Build meaningful relationships with family and friends.
#8 : Improve the quality of your life.

Imagine how would your life be if your could master these skills?.....Probably you have an answer. Thats Great.

You cannot not influence. Influencing is not a choice, it is a responsibility. You have to practice until the skills becomes innate in you. Sign up below to know more about the programmes and course fees.

Check out what leaders are talking about Antano & Harini : 


A rare combination of consulting, coaching and real change work that just works!

“My faith in Excellence Installation, NLP and Transformation came alive after Antano’s immersive sessions and his coaching. It has been a meditative experience and creates confidence that you can conquer the world and achieve your deepest desires and dreams and you feel you are equipped as Antano has provided the toolkit for Excellence.

Antano is a genius and his work to accelerate results comes from a rare combination of consulting, coaching and real changework that just works.”

Anurag Batra - Chairman, Business World

Antano & Harini have always nailed the unexpected....

"Antano & Harini have always precisely nailed the unexpected. I continue to benefit from the magic of their unexplainable work. Their intuition to know what is really going on is what actually makes the difference. They continue to fascinate me with their Elegance & Effectiveness."

Sudha Raghunathan - Padma Bhushan Awardee, Carnatic Vocalist

My live performances, interactions with audience and the way I 'render' songs is a whole new level now!

“After rendering a whole number of ‘hits’ in the Film Industry, I was working on my own album for over 2 years and things just didn’t move; the obstacles were endless. I was also going through a struggle in personal life. After uP!withNLP with Antano & Harini, everything changed. The way I ‘feel’ and ‘render’ the songs I record now, and even my Live performances and interaction with the audience are a whole new level now.

Rahul Nambiar - Playback Singer & Composer

I'm always in a peak state of mind.

“I am always in PEAK state, each time I have something IMPORTANT to finish. After uP!, I just go in there so automatically, its almost like magic. It is incredible how much I finish in so less time.”

Swathi Priya - Life Coach

"Enhanced performance that sustains..."

Antano & Harini help you unleash your full potential and distinguish what works from what doesn’t work. I have also had my Top level team go through Antano & Harini’s sessions which have resulted in enhanced performance which has been sustaining over time

Nandana Wickramage - Group Director, Ceylon Biscuits

"Fearless to explore unchartered territories.."

“Thanks to Antano & Harini’s interventions, today I am fearless to explore unchartered territories

Jwalant Swaroop - CEO – Happiness Infinite

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