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Patterns repeat. Again and again. Until you deliberately interrupt them.

Most people don’t interrupt them, or they don’t know how to interrupt them. And that’s why they’re stuck. 

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The Pattern Fact.

If you don’t break the patterns that keep you stuck, these patterns give birth to newer patterns, creating a bunch of other problems and sow vicious seeds of dissatisfaction across all aspects of life.

Addressing the Root and Ecological Safety

You can’t just break the pattern by Brute force, or by will-power, grit and determination. Even if you succeed, the success will be short-lived, and more often than not, you’re back to facing the very same patterns in your life or worse, a bunch of newer problems.  

  • Think about it - people who get into toxic relationships, keep getting into it one after the other. Or they’re stuck and unable to get out of it. 
  • People who are stuck with bad habits, make an oath 100 times, try 100s of methods, but still struggle to come out of it. Even in the rarest of rare chances of success, something else happens and they’re stuck again
  • People who procrastinate, keep procrastinating
  • People who hesitate to charge money for their work, keep hesitating

Patterns are DEEP ROOTED. 

Deep, deep, deeply embedded as a complex concoction of beliefs, behaviors, habits, values, past experiences, emotions, states and is a very very very sensitive thing and HAS to be addressed with UTMOST CARE, Expertise and Safely.


Excellence Installation Technology is the MOST Advanced Solution to Design and Fast Track Personal Evolution. It’s a Cutting-edge Technology decoded from What the Best of the Best of the Best in the world do to Stay Ahead of Time! Excellence Installation Technology contains All the Secrets of What Geniuses are made up of - their Core beliefs, behaviors, habits, strategies, values that sustains and grows the Genius Within backed by Scientific Research and Validated LIfe Experiences of Thousands of People who have come out of Grave situations in their Life in RECORD TIME. Excellence Installation Technology is the Science of How to SHIFT the Trajectory of your Life Safely and Surely, towards Greatness. And it Starts by Breaking Patterns that are not good for you. 

“The program allowed me to become more open and confident in my interactions with our Board of Directors. I have developed the abilities to be calm & relaxed even during unforeseen circumstances and have become a lot happier as an individual.

Thanks to this program, I have now saved at least 1-1.5 years of my growth in business.”

Pranay Saboo, Entrepreneur

"I was not able to cope up with my anger & anxiety issues. I had lost interest in work and had begun to zone out in between meetings on a day-to-day basis and I was worried about what was happening to me. In just 15 days, the Critical Support team helped me clear my baggage and overcome my issues. The changes I experienced turned into magic at work and I was surprised that I was getting the appreciation and attention I always seeked at work.

Also if I had not done this program, I wouldn’t have been happy on my wedding day. That’s because I was going through hell lot of emotional problems. After the Critical Support, every person who met me at my wedding told me that I looked so happy and radiant. I am really grateful for this!"


A&H Pattern Interrupt

A&H Pattern Interrupt is UNIQUELY  Designed with Excellence Installation Technology insights applied on you Personally one-on-one to identify your Unique Patterns right to the Deepest depth to Complete Accuracy.

And You Get a Personalized, totally unique ‘ATC Diagnostic’ - The Full Formula that will work for you to Break the Patterns that are keeping you stuck and Give you Clarity and Most importantly, help you Move Forward in the right direction, free from the shackles of the limiting deep patterns you have that you don’t know you have. 

What you Get in A&H Pattern Interrupt:

  • One on One Consultation with Excellence Installation Specialist
  • Personalized ‘ATC Diagnostic’ - The full List of deep patterns, beliefs, mindsets, behaviors, habits that are keeping you stuck
  • Advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming to Break the Patterns mapped out against each of the your limitations
  • 2 Full and Complete Neuro Linguistic Programming from the List, done for you by the Best-in-the-world Change Experts, where you can experience INSTANT Results - in LESS THAN 90 Minutes.
  • A Full follow-through with Excellence Installation Specialist after 30 days (to triple check, if the patterns have been successfully broken and New Positive Life Consequences have formed) 

People pay over $25,000 to Get Excellence Installations over 3 Years - to LAUNCH their Legacy. These people Believe that TIME is more precious than anything else on the planet. And if they have to have a Real Chance, They Have to Get Ahead! 

And Excellence Installation is the Surest Way to Get Ahead. It contains the Predictive Intelligence for what YOU need to do - What Patterns do you need to Interrupt, What Limitations do you need to overwork, What Capabilities do you need to build, and at what frequency --- all this along with Neuro Linguistic Programming - so the Implementation is done for you! The Capability Installation is Done for you by the Excellence Installation Specialists. You just need to go live your life and you’ll find yourself achieving more and more and more and more, each day….

There Are Excellence Installations available :

To Break Patterns - Get a Full Pattern Interrupt and a Clean Reset  

To Accelerate your Success 

To Launch your Legacy 

To Develop Superior Capabilities of World Leaders

And all this is Compressed Time.

What can otherwise take 10, 20 or even 30 years for people to accomplish and develop, people get it in as less as 3 Years with Excellence Installation. And for things like PATTERN INTERRUPT, you get it in MINUTES instead of Years. 

It’s HUGE Time Saved and a Change in the Trajectory of Life forever

Before you Prepare to Launch your Legacy, You NEED to Break Patterns that are getting you Stuck.


A&H Pattern Interrupt

100% Unique, Personalized to you 

Cutting Edge Technology to your Break your Unuseful patterns

100% Safe

Completely Ecological

Instant Breakthrough

“I was facing extreme anxiety and was really having trouble sleeping. This program sorted out my anxiety and my sleep cycle got corrected. After 2 months, somebody approached me for a job and now I had the confidence to go for it.

I am sure that if I hadn’t taken the program, I wouldn’t have had the confidence or the foresight to take that job.” 


“When I came for the program, my business had crashed after COVID, my financial burdens were continuing to increase and I was completely lost.

I recognised that for me to be able to make better decisions in my career, I needed to overcome certain childhood difficulties as well as overcome a massive heartbreak that had left me devastated. As I got over my emotional & mental baggage in Critical Support, I found myself taking more charge in my life and started making better decisions.

After this program, I have found myself again. I made the brave decision to go back to my hometown and started my academic coaching company there and I got my first 20 students which is pretty good.” 

- Anupam Dubey, Entrepreneur

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