A&H EIS Fellowship Program

Extraordinary People. Extraordinary Lives. Extraordinary Contribution to the World. 

Antano & Harini are geared to Mentor the next Cohort of EIS Fellowship. Are you the one they’re looking for?
EIS Fellowship is the most coveted Fellowship to pursue on this planet. Hippocrates brought medicine to the world. Imagine a time when they were just 5 Fellow Doctors. Looking back not 1000 years from now, the world will know there was a time when there has been just a handful of EIS Fellows.
5 Faces, one ethereal smile. The look of razor-sharp focus, intertwined with tender empathy. They know exactly how to expand your horizons and Make a Difference in Your Life’s Trajectory and in the World, with Excellence Installations! 
Now! Has the time come for you to Step uP! and join the Most Coveted League - A&H EIS Fellow! 
Who Can Apply?
Antano & Harini is the benchmark for TIME COMPRESSION for B!G IMPACT Creators in the World. When it comes to building the Fellowship, they leave no stone unturned. Every Arena is carefully designed to FAST-TRACK the very specific arcs of the fellowship team. It’s not something that you can pay for. 
We are looking at Impact Creators at heart, people who have the super power of creating time and the thirst to be a Master Installation Artist. 
Application is open to ALL Diagnostics level -  B!G Participants
Refer Application below for more specifics..  
WHAT IT MEANS to be EIS Fellow?
Antano & Harini are always meditating on what more is possible with Excellence Installations. This potential trillion dollars’ industry, this cutting-edge breakthrough, you know, has the potential to Raise The Bar of Excellence for the 8 Billion People across the Globe! 
And as an A&H EIS Fellow, you get to Co-Develop is trailblazing Revolution, this Gift to Humankind, alongside Antano & Harini. As EIT continues to create ripples in history, Your Name Goes Down in History alongside EIT!
And More.. 
As A&H EIS Fellow, you are always privy to what’s the latest in the expansive and fascinating World of Personal Evolution. 
Alongside Antano & Harini, 
  • You Champion Personal Evolution for People & Propel them on the most fulfilling and exemplary life, propelled by Personal Excellence… 
  • You are breaking the norms of what the World deems possible, yet…
  • Propelled by SuPerior Capability to Unearth People & Industry Secrets, you develop a knack to go deeper, and forever keep honing and progressing on your Predictive Intelligence & ATC Intuition 
  • You Emerge as a true Disruptor, Creating One Model of Excellence after Another, to Disrupt Industries, Sectors, and the trajectory of the World! 
  • Potentially become an EIT Contributor, pioneering the Trillion Dollar Excellence Installation Industry
All Of This… 
…In addition to you following the unique melody of your own heart; be it scaling your business to greater new heights, disrupting an industry altogether and launching a new Model of Excellence that will change the rules of the game in your unique niche, forever! 
And All Of This…
…In the most harmonious and fulfilling way, with abundance of laughter & joy, deep meaningful connections, right from a Novice to an Industry Stalwart, from a family member to the Owner of a Fortune 500!
  • 20 Applications will be shortlisted from the lot.
  • These 20 participants will be trained for the next 3 to 6 months.
  • Based on the speed at which each of them are propelling in these 3 to 6 months, the first 5 participants who cross the threshold will get into the Fellowship program.
  • During the course of the Fellowship training, the travel and stay for Consultation events will be sponsored.
  • After the completion of the training, when they are ready for Expanding Horizon, everything will be sponsored.