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uP! is a 3 Year Relationship with Antano & Harini to Accelerate Your Success

Program Dates:

Mumbai: 21st to 26th January 2019

New Delhi: 22nd to 27th April 2019

Mumbai: 10th to 15th August 2019

Antano & Harini are experts in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Business Strategies. At uP!, they will help you get an immediate breakthrough. You will overcome lifelong habits, limiting emotions and mindsets within minutes. This is the ONLY program in the world to produce such personalized transformation so fast!

Why TOP Achievers come to Antano & Harini...

Antano has provided the tool kit for excellence...

Antano is a Genius and his work to accelerate results comes from a rare combination of consulting, coaching and real change-work that just works.

Anurag Batra  //  Chairman, Businessworld

I’ve been experiencing magic ever after uP!

I’m amazed by how much, and how quickly, one can transform here. Working with Antano has been a revelation and a journey into rediscovering my own self in a new light… It has taken me uP personally and professionally and at what speed… wow!!!

Padma Gupta  //  Director HR, Hafele

What is the difference that made the difference?

Clarity in life! This has been the most powerful transformation for me personally.

Personally, I was going through some turbulent times. Even on the professional front, things were a little tough. I was not clear how to proceed and I felt being stuck. Antano & Harini helped me change everything!

Rahul Nambiar  //  Playback Singer, Film Fare Award Winner

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