In my email I spoke to you about the 3 Things you must know to Accelerate Your Success:

Truth 1: Acceleration comes from overcoming personal challenges
and developing Personal Excellence

Truth 2: Most people can't notice and overcome whatever is coming in the way of their success including the invisible speed breakers.

Truth 3: Top Achievers have a very different mindset and attitude towards personal development that actually helps them evolve their game.

Not growing fast enough is costing you more than you think. In this article by Antano you can read more on all the points I have shared with you. Enjoy reading these 5 points.

1. What stops People from growing Fast enough?

Have you ever had a situation where your Car wouldn't start and you keep turning the ignition until you give up and recognize it is time to take your car to someone who knows the car better? And the experienced mechanic simply spends five minutes and precisely tells you what to change!

What Alex needs to grow fast enough in his life is so different from what George needs to grow fast in his life. The real problem is most times, neither does Alex nor George know what they really need to go to the next level. Sometimes, the solution could be as simple as making a tiny shift but how can you know the solution unless you know the problem?

Did You Know?

This is why self-help book and motivation seminars don't work for most people! Imagine an archer who has his eyes closed led into a forest and asked to shoot. He shoots randomly and the chances of even a single arrow hitting the target is almost zero. No, matter how skilled he is, how well designed his tools are, if he is shooting blind-folded, he is likely to waste his time and resources. 

By the way:  If you have been trying overcome the obstacles in your life and have been succeeding not fast enough, chances are you are "shooting in the dark", as well.

2.  "One Change" you make can Transform Your Life!

A ship that was once about to sail had trouble with its engine. So, the captain called for an engineer. The engineer walked around, touched a few valves, heard the hissing sounds and after careful inspection, tapped on one nut and everything started functioning and the ship was ready to sail. Accelerated success in your life as well can just be that one tap away!

Keep in mind: Real change in your Life begins with Real changes in you. 

You need more than 'Positive Thinking' and 'Inspiration' to improve the quality of your life. Positive thinking, inspiration and motivation are natural outcomes of living a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. And to achieve that, you need to make systematic and targeted changes within you. 

3.  Doing NEW things has to be Natural

Do you remember the last time: When you did something that felt so Easy and Natural. The most successful people realize this ONE golden rule, that if what you are doing doesn't work, do anything else. And if whatever you are doing works, do more of it. What stops most people from overcoming their blocks to accelerated success is that they keep trying the same methods that didn't work, over and over again.

4. The Simple High performance Rule for Success: Evolve First, Result Follows!

Everyone has their own strengths and along with it their individual limitations. Fixing these limitations is the surest path to accelerated success.

Most people have more time than they think they do. They waste it thinking and fretting over unuseful things. Or sometimes by making wrong decisions, people waste years of their life and complain that they don't have time. Sometimes, its a lack of confidence or a lack of clarity. Sometimes, the limitations comes in the form of how a person handles relationships. To truly, accelerate your success you have to evolve your personal excellence.

Did You Know?

​Focussing on motivation before fixing personal limitations is the most commonly made mistake - not only for accelerated success but even for day to day achievements. Even if your goals look easy and within reach, without personal excellence, you can't change your life.

Also remember there is always a better you than the current you. And that is what it really means to be human, to continuously evolve, to continuously progress. This is what gives people true happiness. And this is what leads to unlimited success.  No matter where you are, what you do, there is a trait of personal excellence that you can evolve that will give you immensely more happiness.

5. How Top Achievers evolve, differently?

Top achievers are not just a bunch of people who are highly motivated and have self-discipline who are lucky with a set of good connections. Top Achievers think and function differently. They focus on their inner game. This is what makes them good at whatever they do, wherever they go. And they are always thirsty for more personal excellence. 

They Focus on the direction in which they want to evolve as a person

They have Clarity on the personal limitations they need to overcome to succeed fast

They are consistently in High Performance Mode and they have experts to help them

Accelerated Success in a Nutshell:

  • Desire 
    Every accelerated success starts with a tenacious desire to be excellent, to master your emotions, to influence like a charm, to be more fit, to be free. 
  • Evolve
    When we fix our personal limitations, we evolve. Sometimes, we may ourselves not know our own personal limitations but the moment we discover them and overcome them, we have grown more powerful, more capable as individuals.
  • Perform
    Successful people are not stuck in the vicious loop of spending their time and money on self-help or motivational seminars. They have got experts to help them overcome their challenges so that they can focus on performing their role at work, home and everywhere!

Attention: Now that you know and understand the difference between trying to get better vs. what really has to happen to evolve yourself and accelerate your success, I want to share with you something that I have created to help people like you in this journey.

The Fastest Path to - Accelerated  Success You've Ever Explored

Are you hungry for more?

  • Not growing fast enough is costing you more than you think. Think about what you are missing by not getting to the next level yet?
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uP! Promise is a 3 Year relationship with Antano & Harini to help you develop the pre-requisites for personal genius, succeed in life and a lot more. It starts by developing some very fine capabilities that deliver superior results.

You need an expert to help you identify and make the changes in your life that will accelerate everything for you. In the uP! program, my partner Harini (Singer Megha) and I are that expert. We help you experience real change. We ensure you develop a set of new capabilities  that will open up worlds of possibilities in your life.

The uP! Promise that Harini and I offer is a solution that just works. Whether you are stuck in your life or you are the pinnacle of your career or if you just a breakthrough to get to the next level, we have helped an achiever in your industry before and we certainly can help you FAST. 

How does this work?

  1.  Consultation with Antano & Harini: My partner and I spend time with you, One on One to help you identify and recognize precisely what change will change your life forever. You will be surprised as to how most times the real challenges and tweaks you need to make to accelerate your success are so elusive until they are discovered. 
  2.  Come to an uP! Event: You spend 6 Days with Harini and me as we use a very powerful technology known as Excellence Installation to help you develop very special capabilities that have been modeled form Top Achievers. The next uP! event is in Mumbai, 24th to 29th July.
  3.  Post-consultation with Antano & Harini: We meet one on one again to make sure that you continue to succeed on auto-pilot even when we are not around. The meaning of excellence installation is that the new behaviours, traits and skills will be innate and the new behaviours and differences will be natural, easy and automatic.
  4. Succeed on AutoPilot: The changes we help you make in the 6 days will help you to succeed in whatever you do. Besides, we teach you the techniques to ensure you are self equipped, this allows you to make course corrections as necessary. It is important that you do not take part in any form of self-development or leadership or personality development program for 6 Months after uP!
  5. Unlimited Support till Dec 2019:
    Life changes at a very different phase after uP! The way we provide support is by giving you access to the uP! events because we know that after uP! you will make important decisions, you will change your trajectory. And when you get to the next phase in your life, we can accelerate your success, again. 

The uP! Promise Options


uP! Event

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