30% Increase In Profitability In Just 30 Days

Austin Padilla (Name Changed) always wanted to lead his business to greater heights and that’s the Wish, he came with.During the ATC Consultation, Excellence Installation Specialist brought to his awareness how his business growth is related to his emotional well-being and his personal relationships & vice-a-versa. He could recognise the fact that ‘everything is connected to everything' and how his relationship challenges could be one of the key parameters holding him back from peak performance and getting optimum results at the workplace.

In just 4-5 hours of implementation session, as a result of targeted installations & shifts in his micro patterns that were limiting him for past two decades, he was able to develop emotional mastery and as a result was able to make amends & connect in more meaningful, deeper level with his mother after a long gap of 20 years and they both, have now prioritised to stay together. This personal gratification in his one of the most important relationships, along with superior capabilities installed has significantly impacted other areas of his life especially- Health and Business.

He has reduced his medication for Hypertension and Diabetes. He is also having a lot of creative mind space now, to focus on growing his business. His collaborative brilliance with his team and stakeholders has allowed him to take certain strategic decisions. He is able to position his products and services at the right value, close better deals with his customers leading to an increase in his profit by almost 30%.  Today, He feels assured of strategically developing his business and has already started working very passionately towards increasing the revenue of the company to whooping 100 crores.
And the most amazing thing to notice is that, all these changes happened within 20-22 days of WiSH cycle.