What is your Legacy going to be? 

We are taking in the final set of applications for this year A&H Membership.  Get over your personal limitations, raise your bar of excellence, accelerate your success and get ready to leave a legacy behind.


Today my words have power...

Kabitha Agrawal , Principal, Mount Litra Zee School

“Earlier before the Antano & Harini experience at uP!, I used to tell people ‘exactly’ what I want them to know. And, I thought that was enough. Now, I still tell them ‘exactly’ what I used to tell them but I have changed ‘How’ I tell them. My messages now carry an emotional energy to it. It is no longer is a mere description. My words have power. They can make a person cry and a person laugh.”


My intuition about the decisions I make is getting better every day

Neelima Chakra , Assistant Director, Ernst & Young

“I just can’t believe that I know so much. Ever since the experience with Antano & Harini, I am able to predict so much better what is going to work and what wouldn’t. And the best part my intuition about the decisions I make is getting better every day


"Enhanced performance that sustains..."

Nandana Wickramage , Group Director, Ceylon Biscuits

Antano & Harini help you unleash your full potential and distinguish what works from what doesn’t work. I have also had my Top level team go through Antano & Harini’s sessions which have resulted in enhanced performance which has been sustaining over time


A rare combination of consulting, coaching and real change work that just works!

Anurag Batra , Chairman, Business World

“My faith in Excellence Installation, NLP and Transformation came alive after Antano’s immersive sessions and his coaching. It has been a meditative experience and creates confidence that you can conquer the world and achieve your deepest desires and dreams and you feel you are equipped as Antano has provided the toolkit for Excellence.

Antano is a genius and his work to accelerate results comes from a rare combination of consulting, coaching and real changework that just works.”


The changes that we made in the past 1 year in the systems & processes of the organisation is more than what we did in the past 6 years...

Deepak Bajaj , Founder, Multipliers

“After meeting Antano & Harini, I got the clarity that I need to be the legend in the Network Marketing industry, address the global audience and speak to Industry at large.

One of the biggest achievements for me is that as an organisation, we have expanded to western and eastern India. Also my book on Network Marketing that took shape in Super Masters, is actually on the verge of completion.

After Antano & Harini’s interventions, the changes that we made in the past 1 year in the systems & processes of the organisation is more than what we did in the past 6 years! For the first time, we realised that we were doing certain things like a status quo and we never questioned them. But when we started questioning them, we realised that we weren’t ready to deliver the numbers and volumes we wanted to deliver. So we made very significant changes in the set of mechanisms and systems that will enable our organisation to go to a different scale altogether. And these systems can be upscaled & upgraded without any major interventions and will give us 10x growth.

People always believed in whatever I was saying. But today, when I say ‘this is what we are going to achieve’, their conviction in what I am saying is a notch higher than earlier. When I go on stage and talk about the dreams & goals we want to achieve as an organisation, I feel like there is a clear shift in the authority with which I speak.”


New Habits! Good Health! Emotional Mastery!

Pallavi Gupta , Montessori School Teacher

“I had some emotional baggage and some habits that had been with me for a long time. I didn’t think that I needed to do anything with it. Rather I didn’t know if anything could be done about it. Antano & Harini helped me make all the changes for a better life. I feel confident of my life now and it feels like it’s under my control. Every day brings a new opportunity where I seek change; I can learn new things faster, keep up good health and most importantly, help people whom I care about. This feels amazing.”


I've improved my decision-making skills.

Aruna Das , Aruna Das Founder, Director - Catalyst Image Consulting

“I used to think of people’s opinion as feedback. It is an eye-opener to really learn what feedback is. And continuous feedback is the next league. My intuitions have become so strong now, that I can almost predict the outcomes before they really happen."


Experiencing magic ever after Antano & Harini’s Excellence Installations

Padma Gupta , Director HR, Hafele

“I must say I’ve been experiencing magic ever after Antano & Harini’s Excellence Installations at uP! I just seem to be able to orchestrate and get done what’s on my mind so easily through people. I’m amazed by how much and how quickly one can transform here!


I'm happier than ever.

Deepika Chalasani , CEO, Fit4Life

It’s been 2 years since I did uP! and the moments of sustained excellence continue to unfold and grow! Having dropped 3 sizes, starting my own business, at the age of 40 now, I’m happier, fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been. Thank you Antano & Harini for this amazing life.


Immediately after I first met Antano & Harini, I doubled my business revenue and tripled my sales...

Nanda Kishore , Director, Cirqtech

"Initially, I wasn't able to explain what was really happening what they were doing or why they were doing it. But at some level, I knew that there is something very powerful that is being changed within me. The wisdom of what is happening at the program is far beyond just the techniques. But of course to learn that and to get to that level of that kind of wisdom we need to start with some technical repetitions that will make the skill intuitive enough. It was like a snowball of change. They knew what they were doing and why they were doing it, I just let them do it for me. The kind of Intention and Involvement that I found from Antano & Harini, even though they may not express it all the time, they really care about everybody present here, at a deeply personal level, at a deeply spiritual level. In terms of personal relationships, a lot of relationships which I thought were beyond repair, I managed to fix them within a few minutes.

One of the very powerful, very important changes that I had was a lot of skills that I used to put a lot of time and effort into learning before becoming proficient at it, I started learning them much faster than I had ever before, at a much Intuitive level. I don't think anyone here has enough time it is always too little. As soon as I came back from the Program, I doubled my business revenue and tripled my sales. Not only that, I was able to do all of this without any stress. For a very long time in my life, I believed that I had to achieve something to be happy. The tremendous shift that I experienced was I started happily achieving. I didn't have to put off my happiness for an Ideal utopian future. I started enjoying every day even when things were tough. Achieving to be happy Vs happily achieving, Oh my god! Just two words but when you put them in a different order they make a world of a difference. I found out that It is not just about achieving financial success. Wealth is far beyond just a fat bank balance. There is much more to it. It is a feeling of Abundance. I am just looking forward to where all this goes next. I am excited about the whole journey!


I'm able to proactively change mindset of people during simple conversations.

Vivek Gokhale , Head - Product Management and Training, Häfele India Pvt. Ltd.

“After modelling conversational programming from Antano & Harini, I successfully changed the mindset of many of my team members. One such example is helping fresh recruits feel part of the organisation.”


Overcoming problems with ease.

Sreejith Sivanandan , Senior Director, AOL

“Antano has this unique mix of Engineering background along with Neuro Linguistic Programming which makes a potent combination that helps him with his ‘mind engineering’ efforts. I have personally benefited from the training and interactions with Antano as he is a master in picking up the problems that need a fix and he helps you to overcome it with ease.”

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