Housewife To Mother To Career Woman!

Mea Kaufman (Name Changed ) A homemaker with 2 children, had a desire and WiSH to start her career but with the heavy baggage from the past and limiting mindset , She was constricted with her own beliefs that she is not capable.

At WiSH, the Excellence Installation Specialist identified the micro-patterns that were limiting her ability to see a life for herself beyond being a housewife and a mother of 2 children.

With the resulting mindset shift and targeted installations by the ATC Implementation agent, she was able to overcome her guilt and regret of 20 years and regained self confidence. From shying away in social gatherings to interacting effortlessly with people she did not know before, She has evolved and developed deeper, more meaningful relationships with her immediate family and ecosystem.

As an immediate outcome of WiSH she has decided to help her husband in his business with its accounting aspects and is strategically creating a path for her to start and grow in her own Career and all of this happened within just 8 Hrs of WiSH.