Freedom From Paranoia Sows Seeds Of Success!

Dominic Key (Name Changed) paranoia of 20 years about his health, that of immediate family and others in his ecosystem was limiting his growth in various aspects. His struggle with the swollen lymph-nodes, while not knowing what it was even after multiple tests and visits to the doctors, worsened his paranoia. To the extent that he did not have the mind-space to think about growing in his career. He would go out for walks multiple times in a day in an attempt to reduce his stress levels. At work, he was assigned a small part of a key project, while he always aspired to play a major role in the same project.

Based out of the USA, he would have otherwise waited for the next opportunity to travel to India to meet A&H. With WiSH being completely online, he was able to address his issues immediately.

The First cycle of evolution with WiSH helped him overcome the paranoia. The swelling of lymph nodes and associated pain in the legs disappeared as well. Post this, he was amazed at how he resourcefully handled the news when his wife was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

The second cycle of evolution is equipping him with superior capabilities to be creative and contribute in a bigger role at work. Freed of his paranoia about health, he is looking forward to having a larger team and bigger projects. He is accelerating on his career trajectory and becoming a key player in the projects at work.