Connect With Confidence, Dare To Dream Big!

Pranay, a young aspiring individual in his late 20’s, WiSHed to grow to be a key contributor in the family business that he had joined 5 years ago.

Being in the family business, one of the challenges the new generation usually faces is to be able to align themselves with the standards set already, bring in new thoughts and ideas to break free of the status quo and to scale up the business further. Pranay too, was facing a similar challenge when he came to WiSH. Articulating his thoughts and ideas with his family members who are also the top authority figures in the business used to give him cold feet.

During ATC Consultation, one of the key strategic adjustments identified for him was to overcome his “Fear of Numbers” that he had right from his childhood although he was completely unaware of it being a roadblock for his vision until then. Looking at numbers, big chunks of data used to make him feel so nervous.

With 2-3 hours of WiSH implementation sessions, he was able to overcome his fear of numbers for which the root cause was sprouting from his childhood memories. Overcoming the fear of numbers and along with other sets of targeted installations, Pranay is now able to confidently communicate with the top authority figures cum family members with his ideas and is being perceived as a young talent who understands business. With Multi- Layered Capability Acceleration, it has accelerated his scope of growth radically, enabling him to build connections and expand his network in the business world. He is now able to take unforeseen situations in his stride without being stressed. Pranay is now building his team and in the process of achieving his target of generating a business of 30-35 crores within the next fiscal year which is 10 to 15 crores more from the current revenue of the business.