Clarity To Compete, Capability To Win!

Abhishek Maurya, in his 20’s, wanted to seek clarity in building his career trajectory and that was the major WiSH he came with. He had already given several competitive examinations across various sectors but he was unable to choose a specific directive for his career. He also felt as a victim of the social stigma attached with the fact of not being certain about his career path.

His journey in WiSH began with a strategic set of targeted installation by the world class Excellence Installation Specialist that helped him overcome his personal limitations and gain back his confidence. This also led to his awareness of how his being decisive about career path and sensitive towards family’s emotional needs would contribute towards building a very healthy ecosystem around. This was a key installation done for him, post which, he has been able to resolve his behaviour with his mother which was impacting her health to a large extent.

Overcoming the limitations, Abhishek now has the right mind-space and direction towards strategically picking up the career path that would help him grow and succeed at a rapid pace. From being indecisive and jumping from one field to another under the influence of others’ advice for the past 4 years, Abhishek now has the clarity as to what he needs to do and capability to filter out unnecessary suggestions and advice from people that was not beneficial to him. He has narrowed down his options for suitable professions that will fast-track his career trajectory.