Clarity To Communicate, Confidence To Collaborate!

Kavya Srinivasalu was very keen to accelerate her career trajectory and have financial independence and that is the WiSH, she came with. She was aware to an extent that her constant self-doubt and insecurity in the professional space could become an impediment in her further growth. She also realized that this limiting mindset was stopping her from interacting resourcefully with people in her personal and professional ecosystem.

Within just 90 minutes of the ATC Consultation, the Excellence Installation Specialist could bring in a paradigm shift in her belief system that sharing one’s concerns, worries with loved ones can only strengthen the relationship deeper contrary to her belief till then.

In just 5-6 hours of the implementation session, Kavya was able to overcome her limiting beliefs and self-doubts. With the clarity and new found confidence now, she is able to communicate with her family and colleagues with ease. She is able to share her real concerns with her husband, mother and other loved ones, and is enjoying a deeper and more meaningful relationship with them.

On the professional front, earlier, where she used to find herself working in isolation, she is now able to collaborate with the team. With Multi-Layered Capability Acceleration, she has made significant progress from a position of being uncertain about her job to creating new opportunities for herself by having an open discussion with decision making authorities. Today, she is on an accelerated career trajectory and has worked out a strategic plan to move to a role, 2 levels higher in the next one year.