30% Increase In Profitability In Just 30 Days

Austin Padilla (Name Changed) always wanted to lead his business to greater heights and that’s the Wish, he came with.During the ATC Consultation, Excellence Installation Specialist brought to his awareness how his business growth is related to his emotional well-being and his personal relationships & vice-a-versa. He could recognise the fact that ‘everything is connected to everything' and how his relationship challenges could be one of the key parameters holding him back from peak performance and getting optimum results at the workplace.

In just 4-5 hours of implementation session, as a result of targeted installations & shifts in his micro patterns that were limiting him for past two decades, he was able to develop emotional mastery and as a result was able to make amends & connect in more meaningful, deeper level with his mother after a long gap of 20 years and they both, have now prioritised to stay together. This personal gratification in his one of the most important relationships, along with superior capabilities installed has significantly impacted other areas of his life especially- Health and Business.

He has reduced his medication for Hypertension and Diabetes. He is also having a lot of creative mind space now, to focus on growing his business. His collaborative brilliance with his team and stakeholders has allowed him to take certain strategic decisions. He is able to position his products and services at the right value, close better deals with his customers leading to an increase in his profit by almost 30%.  Today, He feels assured of strategically developing his business and has already started working very passionately towards increasing the revenue of the company to whooping 100 crores.

And the most amazing thing to notice is that, all these changes happened within 20-22 days of WiSH cycle.


Twin Hits - Relationships restored, Career jumpstart achieved

Uma Maheswari  was wrestling with a rapidly deteriorating relationship with her daughter when she came to WiSH. She was unaware that some of her own actions too were contributing to the  disharmony. She felt she couldn't do anything about it. Uma was also re-entering the job market after a gap of a few years. Having discovered a passion for training in her earlier job, Uma was keen to grow in this field.

In her ATC consultation with the Excellence Installation Specialist, Uma realised that she had to take the responsibility to change the dynamics of relationship with her daughter and husband. She also got the clarity to pursue a job that would utilise her extensive experience in the HR field, while building further capabilities in the field of training.

After the initial WiSH sessions, she was able to rekindle beautiful conversations with her daughter. The biggest surprise came when her daughter started reciprocating with huge affection and love towards her. All that Uma was missing for years, came back to her after just 4 hours of a targeted implementation session by a World Class specialist!

She has started reconnecting with her network that she had built over the years. This massive shift has helped Uma to think strategically about her next career and seek the job that would give her the greatest opportunity of using her HR experience and her passion for training.


Clarity To Communicate, Confidence To Collaborate!

Kavya Srinivasalu was very keen to accelerate her career trajectory and have financial independence and that is the WiSH, she came with. She was aware to an extent that her constant self-doubt and insecurity in the professional space could become an impediment in her further growth. She also realized that this limiting mindset was stopping her from interacting resourcefully with people in her personal and professional ecosystem.

Within just 90 minutes of the ATC Consultation, the Excellence Installation Specialist could bring in a paradigm shift in her belief system that sharing one’s concerns, worries with loved ones can only strengthen the relationship deeper contrary to her belief till then.

In just 5-6 hours of the implementation session, Kavya was able to overcome her limiting beliefs and self-doubts. With the clarity and new found confidence now, she is able to communicate with her family and colleagues with ease. She is able to share her real concerns with her husband, mother and other loved ones, and is enjoying a deeper and more meaningful relationship with them.

On the professional front, earlier, where she used to find herself working in isolation, she is now able to collaborate with the team. With Multi-Layered Capability Acceleration, she has made significant progress from a position of being uncertain about her job to creating new opportunities for herself by having an open discussion with decision making authorities. Today, she is on an accelerated career trajectory and has worked out a strategic plan to move to a role, 2 levels higher in the next one year.


Vibe Like The Very Best! Present With Poise, Impact With Influence!

Zarah Millar (Name Changed) came to WiSH to overcome challenges at her professional front. She found herself clueless and unaware of what had to happen for her to have the Leadership Vibe that goes in alignment with her Senior Manager position.

Another WiSH of hers in the same context was to be able to overcome her anxiety for presentations and meetings. What she experienced and could validate after just 5 hours of WiSH implementation sessions was her being free from anxiety.

Today, she prepares for her presentations with ease and creativity. She is able to deliver impactful presentations confidently. These immediate transformations are allowing her to create a more influential personality and demonstrate better leadership at work.


Clarity To Compete, Capability To Win!

Abhishek Maurya, in his 20’s, wanted to seek clarity in building his career trajectory and that was the major WiSH he came with. He had already given several competitive examinations across various sectors but he was unable to choose a specific directive for his career. He also felt as a victim of the social stigma attached with the fact of not being certain about his career path.

His journey in WiSH began with a strategic set of targeted installation by the world class Excellence Installation Specialist that helped him overcome his personal limitations and gain back his confidence. This also led to his awareness of how his being decisive about career path and sensitive towards family’s emotional needs would contribute towards building a very healthy ecosystem around. This was a key installation done for him, post which, he has been able to resolve his behaviour with his mother which was impacting her health to a large extent.

Overcoming the limitations, Abhishek now has the right mind-space and direction towards strategically picking up the career path that would help him grow and succeed at a rapid pace. From being indecisive and jumping from one field to another under the influence of others’ advice for the past 4 years, Abhishek now has the clarity as to what he needs to do and capability to filter out unnecessary suggestions and advice from people that was not beneficial to him. He has narrowed down his options for suitable professions that will fast-track his career trajectory.


Connect With Confidence, Dare To Dream Big!

Pranay Saboo, a young aspiring individual in his late 20’s, WiSHed to grow to be a key contributor in the family business that he had joined 5 years ago.

Being in the family business, one of the challenges the new generation usually faces is to be able to align themselves with the standards set already, bring in new thoughts and ideas to break free of the status quo and to scale up the business further. Pranay too, was facing a similar challenge when he came to WiSH. Articulating his thoughts and ideas with his family members who are also the top authority figures in the business used to give him cold feet.

During ATC Consultation, one of the key strategic adjustments identified for him was to overcome his “Fear of Numbers” that he had right from his childhood although he was completely unaware of it being a roadblock for his vision until then. Looking at numbers, big chunks of data used to make him feel so nervous.

With 2-3 hours of WiSH implementation sessions, he was able to overcome his fear of numbers for which the root cause was sprouting from his childhood memories. Overcoming the fear of numbers and along with other sets of targeted installations, Pranay is now able to confidently communicate with the top authority figures cum family members with his ideas and is being perceived as a young talent who understands business. With Multi- Layered Capability Acceleration, it has accelerated his scope of growth radically, enabling him to build connections and expand his network in the business world. He is now able to take unforeseen situations in his stride without being stressed. Pranay is now building his team and in the process of achieving his target of generating a business of 30-35 crores within the next fiscal year which is 10 to 15 crores more from the current revenue of the business.


Freedom from the limiting aspects of the Past is the Secret To Future Success!

Shalini Srivatsava with decades of HR experience WiSH to create a niche in Leadership Coaching. She had a lingering weakness and pain in the knee from a bike accident decades ago. Nagging self-doubt prevented her from seeing opportunities available to her.

Little did She know that her past experiences had created a set of subconscious belief systems, where she started having low perceived value of self. She would doubt her ability, and that was a big roadblock in her career. All these were creating a huge emotional turmoil and had an adverse impact on her sleep patterns.

During the ATC Consultation, the Excellence Installation Specialist was able to bring the consequences of all these to her attention and its impact on various aspects of her life, be it health, family, business.With targeted installations by a World Class specialist, she is now able to handle negative situations with ease and is rebuilding her relationships.

She is now getting 7-8 hours of rejuvenating, high-quality sleep and her knee pain has also reduced. She feels innately happy, is a lot more energetic throughout the day and very productive at work.  She now feels a huge shift in her confidence and is looking forward to finding opportunities to rapidly grow her business.


Choice Of Emotional State Creates Confidence To Communicate!

Vanesa Sharpe (Name Change) WiSHed to have open communication with her family members without feeling constricted.

The very first session with the WiSH ATC Specialist resulted in an instant shift of mindset, where she realised that her unconsciously expecting the worst, impacted the quality of her relationships. Aided with this Inner Clarity and Targeted Installations,  She is liberated herself from the shackles of all past baggage, be it guilt, regret or bad memories. Equipped with on-demand state choice, she could now communicate with her family resourcefully, changing her response to the ongoing situations, and noticing a significant difference in her family members’ response and behaviour towards her.

Today, She recognises that she is capable of being in control of her relationships. She has the mind-space to think about growing in her career and is progressing in that trajectory. The best part of all these is her targeted installations, done within just a few hours, were designed looking at her trajectory 10 -15 years into the future. This trajectory  takes into account how important it is for her to start focusing on her career even before she could realize it.


Freedom From Paranoia Sows Seeds Of Success!

Dominic Key (Name Changed) paranoia of 20 years about his health, that of immediate family and others in his ecosystem was limiting his growth in various aspects. His struggle with the swollen lymph-nodes, while not knowing what it was even after multiple tests and visits to the doctors, worsened his paranoia. To the extent that he did not have the mind-space to think about growing in his career. He would go out for walks multiple times in a day in an attempt to reduce his stress levels. At work, he was assigned a small part of a key project, while he always aspired to play a major role in the same project.

Based out of the USA, he would have otherwise waited for the next opportunity to travel to India to meet A&H. With WiSH being completely online, he was able to address his issues immediately.

The First cycle of evolution with WiSH helped him overcome the paranoia. The swelling of lymph nodes and associated pain in the legs disappeared as well. Post this, he was amazed at how he resourcefully handled the news when his wife was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

The second cycle of evolution is equipping him with superior capabilities to be creative and contribute in a bigger role at work. Freed of his paranoia about health, he is looking forward to having a larger team and bigger projects. He is accelerating on his career trajectory and becoming a key player in the projects at work.


Housewife To Mother To Career Woman!

Mea Kaufman (Name Changed ) A homemaker with 2 children, had a desire and WiSH to start her career but with the heavy baggage from the past and limiting mindset , She was constricted with her own beliefs that she is not capable.

At WiSH, the Excellence Installation Specialist identified the micro-patterns that were limiting her ability to see a life for herself beyond being a housewife and a mother of 2 children.

With the resulting mindset shift and targeted installations by the ATC Implementation agent, she was able to overcome her guilt and regret of 20 years and regained self confidence. From shying away in social gatherings to interacting effortlessly with people she did not know before, She has evolved and developed deeper, more meaningful relationships with her immediate family and ecosystem.

As an immediate outcome of WiSH she has decided to help her husband in his business with its accounting aspects and is strategically creating a path for her to start and grow in her own Career and all of this happened within just 8 Hrs of WiSH.


Connecting With Empathy Creates Certainty In CEO Aspirations!

Yatin Sheth, WiSHed for exponential growth in his career. He was feeling stagnant in his company for the past 4 years, not knowing how to stay relevant in the organisation. While he was aware of some of his limiting mindsets and prejudices, he was unable to connect the dots. In the consultation, the ATC Specialist masterfully identified the limiting micro-pattern of judging people that impeded his ability to relate and connect to his colleagues and boss. With WiSH, Yatin not only overcame his limitations that were stagnating him in the current position, he was also equipped with the  set of superior capabilities required for his rapid evolution.

Soon after his first implementation session, he started to wake up feeling really good and light and stopped thinking about bad memories during his meditation. He presented a plan to  his management to 3x the business target for a product to be achieved in 5 years, which his colleague remarked that it had such clarity. He is now able to connect with his colleagues, superiors and stakeholders at a deeper level, and build layered relationships.

He has also closed deals and secured investment for  2 of the projects that he had been trying to close since the last 4 years & 6 years respectively. Several of his colleagues have stated that Yatin has become an inspiration for them. With such significant success, recognition and visibility coming his way in such a short time period, his ambition of becoming a CEO has rekindled with massive certainty and drive.


50 Years Old. 50 Stories To Share

Sidney Rennie (Name Changed)WiSH was to overcome her personal challenges and grow in her career. In spite of being a globetrotter and a very senior executive in the international travel and tourism industry, she was convinced that her career would plateau as she was turning 50 soon.

During her consultation with the Excellence Installation Specialist, she realized that her limiting belief of no career growth beyond 50 was preventing her from leveraging her vast experience of 30 years and the capabilities she had developed as a result of those experiences.

At WiSH, targeted installations helped her overcome the limiting belief and she realized that age is no barrier for her growth and how she can leverage her rich life experiences to the optimum and rapidly grow in her career. WiSH has equipped her with multi-layered capability acceleration that has resulted in her evolution from having the mindset that her career will soon become obsolete due to the age factor to using the same to her strength to have a radical growth. She now looks forward to sharing her rich life experiences with people beyond her organisation, via storytelling.