50 Years Old. 50 Stories To Share

Sidney Rennie (Name Changed)WiSH was to overcome her personal challenges and grow in her career. In spite of being a globetrotter and a very senior executive in the international travel and tourism industry, she was convinced that her career would plateau as she was turning 50 soon.

During her consultation with the Excellence Installation Specialist, she realized that her limiting belief of no career growth beyond 50 was preventing her from leveraging her vast experience of 30 years and the capabilities she had developed as a result of those experiences.

At WiSH, targeted installations helped her overcome the limiting belief and she realized that age is no barrier for her growth and how she can leverage her rich life experiences to the optimum and rapidly grow in her career. WiSH has equipped her with multi-layered capability acceleration that has resulted in her evolution from having the mindset that her career will soon become obsolete due to the age factor to using the same to her strength to have a radical growth. She now looks forward to sharing her rich life experiences with people beyond her organisation, via storytelling.