Connecting With Empathy Creates Certainty In CEO Aspirations!

Yatin Sheth, WiSHed for exponential growth in his career. He was feeling stagnant in his company for the past 4 years, not knowing how to stay relevant in the organisation. While he was aware of some of his limiting mindsets and prejudices, he was unable to connect the dots. In the consultation, the ATC Specialist masterfully identified the limiting micro-pattern of judging people that impeded his ability to relate and connect to his colleagues and boss. With WiSH, Yatin not only overcame his limitations that were stagnating him in the current position, he was also equipped with the  set of superior capabilities required for his rapid evolution.

Soon after his first implementation session, he started to wake up feeling really good and light and stopped thinking about bad memories during his meditation. He presented a plan to  his management to 3x the business target for a product to be achieved in 5 years, which his colleague remarked that it had such clarity. He is now able to connect with his colleagues, superiors and stakeholders at a deeper level, and build layered relationships.

He has also closed deals and secured investment for  2 of the projects that he had been trying to close since the last 4 years & 6 years respectively. Several of his colleagues have stated that Yatin has become an inspiration for them. With such significant success, recognition and visibility coming his way in such a short time period, his ambition of becoming a CEO has rekindled with massive certainty and drive.